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Feb 2022 | No Comment

2020 World Population Data as KML, GeoJSON, Shapefile
A free world population point layer with 2020 population counts at 1km intervals is now available for download, providing the ability to analyze population anywhere on earth. The point locations can be explored with the tools and data already included with Maptitude mapping software, such as drive-time rings …

Jan 2022 | No Comment

Bell and Esri Canada deliver Integrated Smart City Ecosystem
Bell and Esri will create the Bell Integrated Smart City Ecosystem. This integrated solution will combine Bell’s award-winning 5G network and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with Esri’s realtime analytics and location intelligence capabilities to help cities of all sizes across Canada become connected communities.
The Bell Integrated …

Dec 2021 | No Comment

Exploring England’s Hidden Archaeological Landscape
From Roman ruins to Cold War bunkers, England is home to countless hidden archaeological landscapes spanning thousands of years. An interactive map published by Historic England allows users to take “virtual flights” over these treasures of the past.
Researchers used more than 500,000 aerial photographs captured over the past 30 years, as …

Oct 2021 | No Comment

Bentley Systems announces Seequent’s acquisition of Minalytix
Bentley Systems has announced that its Seequent business unit has acquired Canadian software company Minalytix, the developer of MX Deposit. The acquisition extends Seequent’s cloud capabilities and solutions for mining, including greenfield exploration, resource development, and mining production.
MX Deposit simplifies and controls how drill hole and other field data …

Oct 2021 | No Comment

3D Imagery software report released
DAT/EM Systems International has released a report detailing the features of Summit Evolution 8, its latest photogrammetric workstation, which has been designed to be user-friendly, interact with graphical applications and systems such as CAD and GIS. The report details updates that include support for new versions of ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, AutoCAD, …

Sep 2021 | No Comment

West Bengal, India begins GIS survey for MSMEs
The state of West Bengal in India, which has the second most number of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) in the country, has initiated a GIS survey of the existing 570 MSME clusters, viewing them as a key component of the state’s economy.
The outcome of the survey …

Aug 2021 | No Comment

Xylariam partnership with Cardinal Geospatial
Xylariam has added Cardinal Geospatial to their robust network of partners. Cardinal Geospatial provides clients the ability to analyze past events, streamline current operations, and guide decisionmaking about the future. They provide custom solutions for a variety of spatiallyenabled industries including UAS, utilities, and the natural resources sector. Xylariam boasts …

Jul 2021 | No Comment

National security missions for the Australian DoD supported by Maxar
Maxar Technologies has delivered 3D data products and high-resolution satellite imagery to the Australian Department of Defence under recent multi-million-dollar contracts.
Maxar’s 3D data suite enhances situational awareness and decision-making for military applications. The 3D data suite includes a 3D Surface Model, which provides a high-fidelity, positionally …

Jun 2021 | No Comment

NavVis IVION Core
NavVis, an innovator in mobile mapping and reality capture launched of NavVis IVION Core.
Previously known as NavVis IndoorViewer, NavVis IVION Core is a reality capture platform where you can manage your 3D scans with intuitive tools for creation, collaboration, and publication. NavVis IVION Core makes mobile mapping workflows more efficient, speeds …

Apr 2021 | No Comment

18th century fort brought to Life with LiDAR and 3D Modeling
A Canadian archaeologist has used advanced mapping and visualization technologies to bring one of the earliest European settlements in North America back to life. Dr. Jonathan Fowler combined a centuries-old map with a modern 3D terrain model to portray Fort Anne and its surrounding …