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May 2007 | Comments Off on Remembering Prof Madhav N Kulkarni

In sudden and untimely demise of young Prof. Madhav Kulkarni, Indiahas lost the best and boldest geodesists. Proud of the glorious past, he wanted that independent SOI should achieve GREAT of its own. For his reverence to Everest, he was trying to achieve the new 21st century Indian Geodetic System as “Everest 2007”. …

Dec 2006 | Comments Off on Land Information Online

Singapore Land Authority puts map-based land ownership information on the Net

Imagine: you want to know whether a plot of land or a building is state or privately-owned in order to tip-off a case of mosquitoesbreeding, overgrown or fallen trees, illegal parking, noise pollution, or even rubbish dumping. Imagine: you are interested to rent space and …

Mar 2006 | Comments Off on GML prototype tested for interoperability


The experiment holds the key to addressing the problem of incompatibility between different spatial data sets held by various national mapping agencies
A sample data set from Survey of India (SoI)’s conventional digital topographic data has been converted to Open Geo-spatial Consortium (OGC)’s Geography Markup Language (GML) …