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In 2005, ICAO became involved with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) when our Air Navigation Commission (ANC) requested the Secretary General

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For more than 80 years, Rohde & Schwarz has stood for quality, precision and innovation in all fields of wireless communications. The company is strategically based on four…

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Over the past several years, acquisitions have played a role in our strategy, principally as mechanisms to establish beachheads in new market spaces, fill in product line…

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ICA is happy to see, that significant progress have been made in the attempt to be a global platform for modern cartography. It is a very good…

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In the 1990’s there was a great change in the Brazilian Geo-technology market, with the introduction of Total Stations, substituting the products that were available at the time. In the 2000´s, there was yet another transformation in the market with the introduction of the GPS L1/L2.

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NavCom off ers our products and services through a network of over 40 authorized resellers and OEM relationships in 25 countries. Our sales channel partners are the key to our sales success as well as a core element of our product improvement and development process. Our resellers know their respective markets and customer needs.

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Research Centre Imarat-RCI, part of the Missile cluster Laboratories of DRDO is responsible primarily for the Research in Avionics and mandated to deliver the advanced Avionics products to various Missiles, Aircrafts, Helicopters, UAVs, Ships, Submarines and other Vehicles of our Armed Forces…

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The complexion of warfare and associated security scenario are fast changing due to rapidly advancing technologies, emergence of proxy warfare tactics and increasing number of technologically well equipped non-state players. India’s security environment is even more complex due to conventional threats

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Would you like to update our readers with the status of BeiDou?

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“We were impressed with thesoftware’s capability and processingtimes. The results achieved were notonly produced quickly, but with a highdegree of accuracy”- Mr. Mohamad El Kadi, Managing Director of Space Imaging Middle East