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Vexcel Imaging GmbH, Microsoft’s UltraCam Business Unit, is undergoing an ownership change planned for early March 2016. After ten years contributing to Microsoft as a subsidiary, next month Vexcel Imaging GmbH will again become an independent company upon its expected acquisition by a private investor group.

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Hi-Target catch-phrase is ‘ Surveying the world, Mapping the future’. Could you please elaborate the thought behind it?

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The standard for productivity in 3D Laser Scanning extrapolates to a few key factors: area coverage, point density and spatial accuracy. The total workflow to produce…

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The Geospatial Division includes a diverse set of solutions for geospatial data capture and analysis. The solutions range from all types of GNSS devices to total stations and laser scanners, from mobile…

Nov 2015 | One Comment

Survey Department, under the Ministry of Land Reform and Management, is the National Mapping Organization (NMO) of Nepal. The Department is responsible…

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The NavCom GNSS receivers provide unique advantages over normal RTK GNSS equipment. The integration of RTK with NavCom’s StarFireTM service enables…

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In the broadest sense, we have two types of users of StarFireTM signals: those who take full advantage of all the NavCom developed navigation feature sets, and those who develop their own navigation feature sets and take advantage of the highly accurate, global availability, and inherently redundant reference and delivery system.

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Initiative on National GIS now has been a lost opportunity. Comment.

Good and sincere efforts (that too by so many professional experts) in the interest of the country can never be “lost”. Even now, as I gather, there are sincere and committed efforts that are being made for a nation-wide GIS…

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Congratulations for successful launch of 4th IRNSS satellite. What is timeline for the complete installation?

Jan 2015 | One Comment

In 2005, ICAO became involved with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) when our Air Navigation Commission (ANC) requested the Secretary General