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TomTom leads automotive charge towards electric future with enhanced EV Technology suite

Jun 2021 | No Comment

TomTom has reinforced its commitment to a cleaner world by driving the EV revolution forward together with partners and innovative technology. TomTom has unveiled a roster of enhancements to its electric vehicle (EV) suite including upgraded range and routing features, and industry-leading data on charging points. This follows today’s announcements of collaboration with Hubject and Eco-Movement – that will improve the EV driving experience. The new TomTom Routing and Range will be available in select electric models from TomTom customers already later this year via an over-the-air-update, and will be further enhanced with the introduction of the cloud-native TomTom Navigation for Automotive.

TomTom’s EV range prediction factors in current and maximum battery level, driving speed, road type and gradient, as well as historic and real-time traffic data. While many electric models’ range prediction fluctuates greatly, overestimating and then underestimating range by more than 30%, TomTom has demonstrated with a partner OEM single-digit range accuracy for a 180 km trip. This super accurate EV range prediction, elegantly visualized on TomTom’s map, will provide drivers with a new-found assurance on how far their car will get them.

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