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Nov 2011 | No Comment

LightSquared is a gem! I am not only talking about its nationwide high-speed 4G capabilities and that it will be a boost to our lagging IT industry which has fallen behind 18 other nations. I am focusing on how it can beautifully complement high precision applications of GPS. It is a gem for GPS high precision users and for RTK.

Aug 2010 | No Comment

Says John Pottle Marketing Director, Spirent Communications, Positioning Group

2009 was seen as a difficult year for most businesses. However, 2009 was ‘as expected’ for Spirent in terms of revenues and profits, how did Spirent manage this?
Spirent sells test systems for navigation and positioning across the industry, from government to consumer products, from R&D through to …

Jan 2008 | No Comment

In looking ahead at what milestones we may expect to see during 2008 in the world of GPS and GNSS it is easy to be caught at one of two extremes. The first extreme would be to make the mistake of the shortsighted person who in the late nineteenth century proposed that the US Patent Office should be closed because everything conceivable had already been invented. The other extreme would be to look ahead at the promise of new constellations…