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This study has proven the utility of the ERA5 PWV for mapping and monitoring the water vapour content and for long- term climate studies over Nigeria

Ojegbile, B.M.

Department of Surveying & Geoinformatics, Faculty of Engineering, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Okolie, C.J.

Department of Surveying & Geoinformatics, Faculty of Engineering, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Omogunloye, O.G

Department of Surveying & Geoinformatics, …

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GNSS operators extend the PNT performance standards. GNSS-based applications have their own standard requirements for PNT performance. Can the currently existing issue in matching the two standards be overcome?

Renato Filjar

Electrical engineer, a satellite navigation, spatial statistics and statistical learning specialist, a Tenure Professor of Electronics Engineering with Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia, …

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For the geospatial and navigation professionals, all future flight approach and departure corridors designs will require detailed 3D modelling and navigation vulnerability assessments before final flight certification

Graeme Hooper

Managing Director GPSat Systems

The Paris 2024 Olympics is evolving as the first mainstream event to showcase the broad-scale usage of crewed Advanced Air Mobility …

Dec 2023 | No Comment

Trimble introduces MPS566 Modular GNSS heading receiver
Trimble has announced its next generation GNSS receiver for marine construction and drilling and piling operations— the Trimble MPS566 Modular GNSS heading receiver. With built-in dual GNSS antenna ports and constellation-agnostic Trimble ProPoint™ technology, the MPS566 delivers highly accurate positions and orientation for work that demands precise heading. With …

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Ligado Networks sues U.S. Government
Mobile communications company Ligado Networks has sued the U.S. government for its unlawful taking of Ligado’s constitutionally protected, exclusively licensed spectrum without compensation.
Backed by a multiyear misinformation and disparagement campaign against Ligado to conceal these activities, the U.S. government misappropriated Ligado’s exclusively licensed spectrum to support previously undisclosed Defense …