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No-projection cartographic mapping

Jun 2005 | Comments Off on No-projection cartographic mapping

Using 3-D geocentric geodetic control and positions, as surveyed with GPS, and high-resolution imagery, the Kmap System allows us a no-projection cartographic mapping technique
We start with a “small” trapezoidal area, which is 99.999999% flat, and take a bird-eye picture of the round Earth to map it. This eliminates the need for projection mapping. The small trapeziums, which become triangles at the poles, are not “stretched” to rectangles but retained their true shape.

15 small trapeziums of 5’x5’ area will perfectly with the neighbors to produce a 15’15’ topographic map at 1:50, 000 scale.

These non-projected areas are mapped to produce Kmaps and KCharts with practically zero distortion, true North and true scale. Contouring with ellipsoidal heights will depict topographic relief on maps, while ellipsoidal depths will produce “spot” depths and bathymetric contours in ocean areas. There will be no break in position coordinates between any two maps and/or charts, adjoining or far apart. This technique will work perfectly for cadastral surveys and property plats.

Computerized version on CDs will allow a captain of a ship and/or operator of a motorized vehicle on the monitor screen to navigate on the real Earth surface.The Kmaps and KCharts can cover the Earth like a “blanket” from pole to pole and East to West around the globe.


Muneendra Kumar Ph.D.

is Chief Geodesist (Retired), U S National

Geospatial- Intelligence Agency munismk@yahoo.com

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