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Spectra Precision Laser LG20 Crossbeam Generator

Trimble has announced new Laser portable tools – Spectra Precision Laser LG20 Crossbeam Generator, Spectra Precision Laser HR250 Laser Receiver and Spectra Precision Laser HD50 Handheld Distance Meter.

The easy-to-use, self-leveling Spectra Precision Laser LG20 Crossbeam Generator is a rugged, one-person tool designed for a variety of interior and exterior applications. The LG20 is a highly versatile hand tool that replaces a level, square, plumb bob, chalk, and optical instrument for faster completion and increased accuracy on the job site.

Feature-packed and developed for use with the LG20 Crossbeam Generator, the optional HR250 Laser Receiver is a versatile, economical laser for longrange interior and exterior applications up to 75 m (250 ft).


PCI Geomatics’ Geomatica LidarEngine

PCI Geomatics has announced the signing of OEM agreement with Ambercore Software Inc. for the creation of Geomatica LidarEngine. Geomatica LidarEngine is a high performance data management, analysis, and visualization tool for LiDAR . Its architecture and algorithms are suited for processing the very large volumes of LiDAR data.

It has also announced that will support the upcoming German radar satellite TerraSAR-X for image processing, correction, and analysis. The satellite is set to be operational in mid 2007, and PCI Geomatics software will support the sensor’s data as it becomes available. Infoterra holds the exclusive commercial exploitation rights for TerraSAR-X data and will supply radar data, as well as a variety of radar-based geo-information products, via a dense distribution network

DVP India bags orders form Eaga Energy

Jayanta Chatterjee, MD, DVP Geomatic Private Limited, informs that DVP-India has received a bulk order for 7 nos. of DVP software licencesversion 6 along with bundle adjustment software, nuvision 3d stereo glasses, stealth 3d mouse etc. from Eaga Energy India Private Limited, Kolkata. Eaga Energy is also one of the major players at NRSA, Government of India, Hyderabad for doing several urban and utility mapping projects in India by using DVP

u-blox releases TIM-4R dead reckoning GPS module

u-blox AG, released the TIM-4R GPS module with dead reckoning technology that ensures 100% road coverage in even the most challenging GPS signal environments. Powered by u-blox’ 16-channel ANTARIS 4 positioning engine, this GPS module provides uninterrupted positioning in environments where GPS operation was previously not possible and offers better navigation performance using less power than its predecessor, the TIM-LR.

NovAtel Inc. launches AdVance RTK precise positioning solution

NovAtel Inc., Canada has launched its new Real Time Kinematic (RTK) precise positioning solution – AdVance RTK – providing a significant technology advancement to the company’s OEMV family of receivers through superior algorithms that enhance precision and performance. NovAtel’s GNSS OEMV- 2 and OEMV-3 receivers will now be available with the new AdVance RTK as part of the Version 3.100 firmware release.

Hemisphere GPS introduces Crescent DGPS receivers

CSI’s Hemisphere GPS division, has introduced its new Crescent(TM) R100 Series DGPS Receiver. The Crescent R100 is the ideal solution for professional mapping, guidance and navigation applications. It joins the Crescent A100 Smart Antenna, Outback S2 and Outback BaseLine.

TomTom speeds up GPS positioning

A free service from TomTom, USA, called QuickGPSfix allows TomTom GO users to get an immediate connection between their device and a GPS satellite allowing their position to be “fixed” within seconds. The service works by predicting satellite orbits for up to seven days and the sending these to TomTom devices while they are connected to a personal computer.

Epson offers licensing for its A-GPS receiver technology

Seiko Epson Corporation announced that it has begun offering licensing for its A-GPS (Assisted Global Positioning System) reception technology for mobile phones and portable information terminals. This technology is designed for the SH-Mobile G21 single-chip LSIs used in mobile phones, and is licensed to Renesas Technology

Topcon awarded world’s first GNSS technology contract

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS), USA has been awarded the world’s first government GNSS contract designed to harness signals from all current and planned positioning satellite systems – GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo (G3). The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) will begin using the world’s first satellite reference network, which will utilize more than 40 satellites currently operational. The total available satellite signals available for use will exceed 80 when all the Galileo satellites are in service, and system upgrades and additions to the GPS and GLONASS systems are completed.

Lockheed Martin completes system requirements review for GPS III

The Lockheed Martin GPS III team announced the successful completion of a System Requirements Review (SRR) for the U.S. Air Force’s next generation Global Positioning System Space Segment program, known as GPS Block III. GPS Block III will enhance space-based navigation and performance and set a new world standard for positioning and timing

FME Feature Data Source released for Autodesk geospatial products

Safe Software, announced the development of the FME Feature Data Source for Autodesk Map 3D, Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise, MapGuide Open Source, and Autodesk MapGuide

Infotech Enterprises joins Bentley ELS programme

Bentley Systems, Incorporated has announced that Infotech Enterprises, has joined Bentley’s Enterprise License Subscription (ELS) programme. The Bentley ELS programme grants organizations unlimited access to the entire ELS software portfolio for a fixed annual fee.

GeoEye-1 to use SGI Technology for processing imagery

GeoEye, has purchased highbandwidth, high-performance compute technology from SGI.The four SGI Altix 350 systems have 16 Intel Itanium 2 processors on each system. It runs Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, version 9, ensuring the Altix deployment dovetails with existing GeoEye applications. The systems will be attached to a storage area network that will also include a previously purchased SGI Altix 3700 server, which will be used for image reconstruction activities when GeoEye-1 is launched in 2007.

Leica Geosystems launches Leica SmartPole

decLeica Geosystems adds a further tool to its System 1200 Series of surveying system, Leica SmartPole. with which, the coordinates and orientation are determined On-the-Fly whilst conducting the survey, using both GPS and TPS. This saves time in planning and executing the survey. While using it, it is not necessary to identify control points in the office and search for control in the field, to first measure orientation points and only then detail points.

It has also launched Leica SmartWorx, the Onboard Software for all Leica System 1200 instruments, offers a broad range of functionality to cover all tasks. Coupled with the most advanced equipment, Leica SmartWorx provides a software suite, whuch is easy, fast operating concept that leads the user straight to what he needs. Seamless data flow is guaranteed between SmartWorx and the PC Software Leica Geo Office, as well as with all office software packages.

Tata Consultancy Services, India awarded Asia Partner

MapInfo Corporation, has awarded its 2006 MapInfo Asian Partner of the Year award to Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India. With over 78,000 employees and sales of US$2.97 billion in 2005-06.

Virtual Earth 3D, launched by Microsoft

Microsoft Corp. has announced US availability of Virtual Earth 3D, a new online mapping interface that is part of the Live Search offering, providing consumers with a threedimensional experience to search, browse and explore the real world online. The consumer version is free and accessible from any Web browser. Virtual Earth does not require external or downloaded software. It is a byproduct of Microsoft’s May acquisition of Vexcel, a company that specialized in remote sensing and aerial mapping.

Elcome Technologies opens office in Hyderabad

Elcome Technologies opens a branch office at Hyderabad with Service Facility in a graceful function held at Hyderabad on 9th of November. It was inaugurated by Mr Avinash Chander, Director, Advance Systems Laboratory, Ministry of Defence, Government of India. While addressing the gathering, he appreciated the endeavours of Elcome Technologies for extending its service facility to Hyderabad . He emphasized that such initiatives will go a long way to users of the technologies . Mr Bob Mortin, Dir. Business Development, GSR Asia Geosytems Div also made a presentation on Leica’s New Products. Many dignitaries were present on the occasion including Mathew Smith, VP GSR Asia, Geosystems Div; Mr Ajay Seth, MD, Elcome Technologies and many representatives from Survey of India, National Remote Sensing Agency, NGRI etc.

Navman chooses eGain for better customer service

Navman, chooses eGain to help map the future of its customer service. Rapid growth in the demand for GPS technology has led to growth in demand for customer support services. To deal with this increase, provide 24 hour support and handle emails in a number of different languages across three continents, Navman implemented an eGain solution. Results include a reduction in average response times by 50% and an initial workload decrease of over 66%, allowing employees to deliver better quality support.

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