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Abu Dhabi to introduce new road maintenance system

Abu Dhabi is preparing a unique Road and Bridge Asset Management System. The system would establish a satellite-aided geographical database by using the GPS. It will also feature an e-archives for road executive designs and an e-connection with other working systems. The system seeks to standardize the methods and costs of maintenance work of the 20, 000- km road network and 90 bridges in the emirates, according to an official at department for Municipalities and Agriculture.

GPS to track deer at Guindy National Park

The Wildlife department of Guindy National Park will make extensiveuse of GPS to arrive at a nearaccurate estimate of the spotted deerand the endangered blackbuckThe census, which will be done by a 100-strong team, will also coverthe adjoining IIT Madras campus. The data of last year’s census hasbeen sent to the WLI to create a nation-wide database and the resultsare still awaited.

Ohio to study black duck decline

The Ohio state is using GPS technology to find out what’s happening to the black duck. Which has been on the decline in Ohio and elsewhere,while other types of waterfowl are thriving. The state Division of Wildlife has fitted three of the birds with radio transmitters so their movements and breeding patterns can be tracked.

GPS software promises hope for the disabled

Anette von Laffert, at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg,Germany tested an application developed by fellow students that adapts data from the Microsoft Virtual Earth Web siteto create a system ofWeb site to create a system of detailed maps that chart and display common barriers for the disabled like steps and cobblestones. The software, tentatively dubbed Trailblazers, aims to give wheelchair users a barrierfree guide to the world, helping to save time, reduce frustration and broaden horizons.

Naverus system approved for Chinese airport

Navigation technology by Naverus Inc., USA that helps airplanes land atdifficult airports has been instituted at Jiuzhaigou Airport located at an elevation of 11,311 feet. The “required navigation performance,” or RNPtechnology, created by the Kent company, has also been instituted at two other Chinese airports. The technology guides airplanes with a combination of avionics equipment, autopilot and Global Positioning System signals

Trekker talking GPS system debuts

Traveleyes now provides its clients with HumanWare’s Trekker Talking GPS system, which would blind people to move around and offer more autonomy and independence to travelers using Traveleyes by enabling them to enjoy the places they visit even more.

Falcon launches Internet GPS

A new GPS systems by Falcon GPS Tracking, USA allows parents to onitor, supervise and provide guidance to their teens both behind thewheel and in their day-to-day lives. The system with internet trackingcapability monitors the speed and direction of vehicles from home computer.

New GPS range tracking system

Northrop Grumman Corporation, USA develops a newly certified GPS range tracking system for the Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

China restrains mapping by foreigners

image 21

A new regulation restricting surveying and mapping by foreigners will beimplemented in China on March 1 2007. Foreign organizations and ndividuals who intend to engage in surveying and mapping must obtain approval from the central government and accept supervision from local governments, according to the regulation. The Chinese law on surveying and mapping states that foreigners must cooperate with a Chinese artner and the activities must not involve state secrets or jeopardize national security.The results of the surveying and mapping are owned by China, and must not be taken and transmitted abroad without legal permission, according to the regulation. The number of foreigners conducting surveying and mapping in China is on the rise and many field projects have been carried out illegally, which is a threat tonational security, said the Ministry of Land and Resources without mentioning the number of such cases. According to the State Bureau of Survey and apping, foreigners who illegally survey, gather and publish geographical information on China will be severely punished. Chinese partners ortranslators will be fined if they fail to stop illegal mapping activities.

(ICBM) as one of the two independent tracking systems required for range safety. The GMTS replaces the C-band transponders previously used to track the Minuteman III test launches fromVandenberg Air Force Base. As directed by the Air Force Space Command, the C-band tracking system is to be deactivated in FY 2007 for cost savings and odernization.

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