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May 2006 | Comments Off on NEWSBRIEFS – GPS

ProLink patent on Payfor- Play approved

ProLink Holdings Corp. the provider of GPS golf course management systems, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded patent number 7,031,947, Method And Apparatus For Continuing Play With Cart-Based Navigation/ Information System Display, effective April 18, 2006.

US Air Force retracts GPS breakthrough claim

The US Air Force is throwing cold water on its claims of a scientific breakthrough in satellite navigation made at Schriever Air Force Base. An Internet-based version of the GPS is not possible, it says, contradicting a news release. What Air Force mathematicians claimed was a discovery that could have sweeping implications for the space-based GPS was an incremental improvement in the navigation accuracy, officers say.

China to release first panda bred in captivity

A panda research center in southwest China is planning its first release into the wild of a panda bred in captivity. Xiang Xiang, a 4-year-old male raised at the Wolong Giant Panda Research Center in Sichuan province, will be released after almost three years of training and will be tracked by a GPS device. This will help scientists study how artificially raised pandas adapt to the wild.

Mine area clearance vehicle for remote operations

The Headquarters Air Combat Command Civil Engineer expressed strong interest in being able to remotely employ a vehicle system and remove the man-in-the-seat during explosive ordnance clearance operations. The Hydrema 910 Mine Clearance Vehicle MCV-2 Flail System was found to be a suitable vehicle for the task. The vehicle is a commercially available mine clearing system designed by Hydrema, a Danish commercial heavy equipment manufacturer.

New Logistics Technologies in the DHL Innovation Center

Deutsche Post World Net announced the launch of research and development initiatives to be carried out in the new DHL Innovation Center. Located near Bonn, Germany, the center supports the development of cutting edge innovations in the field of global logistics, including the mail and express segments. Development work will focus on RFID (Radio Frequency Identifi cation) technology, geodata technology for optimizing travel routes and networks, as well as logistics-related GPS applications.

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