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Magellan News

Real-Time Data Server software

Magellan is also introducing new PC software called Real-Time Data Server (RTDS) that allows GPRS communication between one base and several rovers. The base could be a fixed base (with a direct/local connection to the RTDS) or a mobile base (connected to RTDS through GPRS)

ProMark™ 500

Magellan has released a firmware for ProMark 500 GNSS survey receiver. It includes backward compatibility with the support of Ashtech RTK data correction format, the ability to use the GSM data mode to receive RTK corrections from a GSMequipped base, and the possibility to use an external CDMA or other type of cell phone to connect to real-time correction sources.

MobileMapper 6

Magellan has also introduced a postprocessing option and new feature to its low cost handheld GIS/GPS receiver – MobileMapper 6. It offers the professional features associated with more costly high-end GIS/GPS units, yet it is price-competitive with consumer-grade GPS.

New OEM board, the MB 500

Magellan has launched a new OEM board, the MB 500. It brings to the embedded GNSS board market a unique blend of technologies that increases RTK reliability and assures inter-compatibility with other brands of GNSS receivers.

Hemisphere GPS distribution in India

Hemisphere GPS has appointed ASB Systems Pvt. Ltd., of Mumbai their Distributor and Service Centre for the Indian market. ASB are also tasked with growing this network with emphasis on the “Land Based” sector. Hemisphere GPS now have products tailored for all applications ranging from the Marine and Hydrography market to the Survey, GIS, Engineering and Precision RTK markets. It also has many differential GPS offerings.

Spirent® communications and SGS Wireless partnership

Spirent Communications and SGS Wireless have signed an agreement to provide validation and testing services on the Spirent UMTS Location Test System (ULTS) at the SGS Wireless laboratory in Cambridge, UK. SGS will provide Spirent with validation services to ensure that the Spirent ULTS stays at the cutting edge of Assisted-GPS testing capability. SGS will also use the ULTS to provide A-GPS testing services to the cellular handset industry.

Leica GeoMoS Web

With the new launched Leica GeoMoS Web, Leica Geosystems now for the first time presents a web based service for visualization and analysis of monitoring. Each authorized user, including customers and partners, can access the monitoring project anywhere and anytime – just using a web browser, pocket pc or mobile phone.

Spectra Precision introduces New Office Software Suite

Spectra Precision has released Spectra Precision® Survey Office 2.0, software suite. With new total station, digital level as well as coding and description support, the new version is ideal for processing and analyzing GPS and terrestrial survey data recorded in the field and exporting it to a CAD or GIS design package.

Leica FlexLine Total Stations

Leica Geosystems has developed Leica FlexLine total statios. For the first time, hardware and software options can be simply selected so that the FlexLine Total Station exactly meets the individual requirements. It simply enables selection of one of the pre-configured products – or even compose his own Total Station! Adding specific hardware and software options to a base model makes it the perfect companion for day to day use.

DIMAC Systems introduces DiMAC ULTRALiGHT

DIMAC Systems has recently unveiled the DiMAC ULTRALiGHT, the smallest of the renowned DiMAC™ (Digital Modular Aerial Camera) product family. It consists of just a single Camera Module that captures a footprint of 7,200 pixels across by 5,400 pixels along the flight line.

AAMHatch wins Spatial Excellence Award

At the recent 4th Annual Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards in Australia, AAMHatch stole the show winning two awards: “Victorian Government Award for Spatial Excellence” and best project for “Land Titling and Development”.

Sokkia Topcon debuts 28-Channel GPS/GLONASS Receiver

Japan’s Sokkia Topcon has rolled out its GSR1700 CSX L1 GNSS receiver, which incorporates L1 GPS and GLONASS tracking capabilities and features centimeter-level accuracy. The 28-channel L1 GSR1700 CSX receiver eliminates observation range and lineof- sight limitations by tracking both GPS and GLONASS. It also features Bluetooth for connecting multiple peripherals, voice notification in 10 languages, and single-button operation.

Florida joins Bentley’s enterprise License Subscription Program

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has joined Bentley’s Enterprise License Subscription program for a 3 year term. FDOT shall be granted access to a comprehensive portfolio of civil engineering, architectural, construction, operations, and geospatial software for a single annual fee. east view cartographic launches its own brand of datasets East View Cartographic has introduced a brand new series of digital geospatial datasets, organized under the product lines of EVCmap and EVCdem. It range from VMAP1-compliant datasets to raster mosaics to digital elevation models, and are only available through East View Cartographic and its distributors.

Chronos Technology wins Ordnance Survey contract

Chronos Technology has been awarded a contract to install and commission GNSS receivers and antennae at Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) throughout Great Britain for Ordnance Survey.

use of satellite navigation for emergency management by gMv

HARMLESS project by GMV is an international FP6 project co-funded by the European Commission and the participating firms and organizations. Its main aim is to study and promote the use of the Galileo and EGNOS satellite navigation systems in emergency management, humanitarian aid and law enforcement support. GMV coordinated the whole consortium, made up by 11 companies of the aerospace sector, technology experts and user communities of countries as UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. The project analyzes current applications and future needs with a global vision, analyzing the technical, operational, financial, regulatory and legal aspects and also the economic and social benefits of the new systems.

France’s Aerial Survey Company acquires intergraph DMC

Aéro Photo Europe Investigation has acquired a complete Intergraph® Z I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera airborne and ground processing system. It is the first DMC system to be used in France.

Fastrax Collaborates with MediaTek for new High Quality gPS receivers,

Fastrax Ltd.has introduced the new Fastrax UP500 module based on an ultra sensitive GPS chipset by MediaTek Inc., The cooperation is aimed at developing high quality GPS receivers that are specifically targeted for cost effective end-device manufacturing.

u-blox releases revolutionary 1.8 volt gPS module series

u-blox has released two new low voltage GPS modules NEO5D and NEO5G. They are the world’s first modules to operate at 1.8 Volt, which reduces power by 40% or more compared to its predecessors.

Solutions for Survey, engineering and Spatial imaging Applications by Trimble

Trimble S8 Total Station Models and 4D control software

Trimble S8 Total Station models and Trimble 4D control software create a powerful solution for realtime monitoring of permanent structures such as dams, short-term construction activities and side slopes in mines. It provides surveyors with capabilities to pursue new business opportunities in both real-time monitoring and tunneling applications.

Business Center 2.0

Trimble Business Center is a Quality Assurance tool for GNSS data providing a powerful resource for all of a surveyor’s Integrated Surveying projects. Version 2.0 can verify and integrate GNSS and optical data into single file as well as output data to a range of applications such as GIS, photogrammetry and CAD.

Scalable Solutions for Spatial imaging: new Trimble vX Model

VX Spatial Station is an advanced positioning system that combines optical, 3D scanning and video capabilities to measure objects in 3D and to produce 2D and 3D data sets for spatial imaging projects.

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