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Chandrayaan-1 completes mission

The Indian Space Research Organisation has completed all the primary objectives of the Chandrayaan-1 lunar reconnaissance mission. The scientifi c objective of the spacecraft was remote sensing of the Moon in visible, near infra-red, low energy x-ray and high-energy x-ray regions. The intention is to prepare a 3-D atlas of both the near and far side of the moon, with a high spatial and altitude resolution – down to fi ve metres in the optical.

Monitoring Indonesian forests

The European Space Agency has awarded a contract worth €100,000 for tropical forest monitoring in Indonesia. The project will demonstrate the benefi ts of a multisensor approach for systematic wide area monitoring of tropical forests at high resolution. It will exploit the capabilities of the Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) and synthetic aperture radars. The project will be undertaken by DMCii, the University of Leicester and the World Resources Institute (WRI).

Antrix looks to expand business

Antrix Corporation, the commercial arm of ISRO is eying at contracts worth $100-150 million. High demand for its low-cost space solutions is not only from the US and Europe, but also from like Algeria, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Kazakhstan and Middle East. “We hope to clock 8% growth and touch revenue of Rs 1,000 crore. We have a backlog of orders worth Rs 3,000 crore which will be completed in the next 3-4 years,” Antrix managing director, KR Sridhara Murthy said. Antrix has more than 150 customers in the telecommunication and broadcasting sectors and 40 customers in remote sensing and imageries.

Satellite Imagery for disasters

UN’s Offi ce for Outer Space Affairs has activated the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters in Tajikistan, Afghanistan and eastern India. Under the charter, satellite operators provide imagery from their satellites to disaster response organisations for free.

Applanix introduces the POSTrack 410

Applanix introduced the POSTrack™ 410. It is a fl ight management system for airborne cameras with a built-in POS AV GNSS-Inertial Navigation System for direct georeferencing of airborne images.

50% off on IRS & IKONOS mosaics

From June 1, IRS-1C/1D/P6 and IKONOS imagery mosaics of geoportal Internet-shop are available at a 50% discount. The virtual shop has simplifi ed access to these high resolution imageries covering the Russian and CIS territory. On-line purchasing of mosaics is done in JPEG format for lower prices as compared to data in professional GeoTiff format.

CARTOSAT-2 data capture in Russia

ScanEx RDC shall now receive CARTOSAT-2 data. According to agreement between ANTRIX Corporation Ltd and ScanEx RDC, the latter is allowed to upgrade its UniScan ground receiving stations with the CARTOSAT-2 data reception hardware, thus enabling to streamline access of the users to Indian satellite data covering Russian and CIS territories.

ERDAS and DG join hands to educate end users in India

Digital Globe & ERDAS joined hands to educate and cater to the needs of geospatial users in terms of data through a series of seminars across India. The fi rst seminar in the series was organized in Patna. The seminar showcased Digital Globe, with its imagery solutions, and ERDAS, with its tools like LPS and Apollo server, to provide a complete solution.

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