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Obama proposes terminating system that backs up GPSa

In his fiscal 2010 budget, President Obama killed funding for a system that would back up the much relied on GPS if it failed, despite calls from the telecom industry and federal agencies that it is needed. The Homeland Security Department (DHS) endorsed Loran-C a year ago as a backup for the satellite-based GPS, but in its fiscal 2010 budget, the department zeroed out funding for the system.

Seventh Lockheed Martin GPS Satellite launched

A Lockheed Martin-built GPS Block IIR (GPS IIR-M) satellite was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The IIR-20(M) spacecraft includes a new demonstration payload that will transmit a third civil signal located on the L5 frequency (1176.45MHz). The signal will comply with international radio frequency spectrum requirements.

GLONASS Changes Operating Frequencies on Four Satellites

On March 11 GLONASS authorities changed the operating frequency channels of two pairs of antipodal satellites. Modern GLONASS and GPS/GLONASS receivers should have handled the transition seamlessly.

European air agency launches new control system

A new air traffic-control system will use GPS to track planes using satellites. The new system will eliminate the reliance on the radio beacons which require planes to travel along “air lanes”. Instead of placing a flight into an air lane, an air traffic controller can pick from a wide variety of routes between airports. The system is designed to double the number of planes over Europe while cutting flight times and airport congestion.

Honeywell supplies Satellite Precision Landing System for Qantas

Qantas Airlines has received approval by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority to use the Honeywell SmartPathTM Ground- Based Augmentation System (GBAS) at Sydney International Airport for satellite-based landings on their A380 aircraft.

GOCE completes Early Orbit Phase

ESA’s GOCE satellite was formally declared ready for work on 20th March. During the critical Launch and Early Orbit Phase beginning with separation from its booster on 17 March, GOCE was checked out to confirm that all of its control systems are operating normally.

GPStogo – a novel scheme

GPStogo is a scheme for providing GPS receivers, for the purpose of contributing to OpenStreetMap, to people in developing countries where the cost is high. The OpenStreetMap Foundation is the operators of this scheme. http://

Indian successfully tests GPS/GIS enabled tree census

Dr. Ramesh Madav, Chairman, Enbitech and CEO of Terracon Ecotech Pvt Ltd, successfully tested the most modern Tree Census Methods, using GPS and GIS. It was done in presence of various technocrats, Municipal Corporation and Government representatives.

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