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Real Time Traffic GPS Navigation Singapore

The first “Real Time Traffic GPS Navigation” beta solution is launched
by MapKing in Singapore. It runs on Windows Mobile 5/6 Pocket PC phone devices equipped with 3G or GPRS wireless connection. Streamed from the intelligent transport system of Land Transport Authority, Singapore, Its real time traffic server dispatches traffic speed data to each device connected wirelessly on the road. At present, the data is updated every 5 minutes and the first generation covers highways and major roads.

GPS aids harvest plans

U.S. agricultural researchers are developing an electronic system that can count fruit while integrated GPS receiver notes the position of each tree to help growers make better harvesting decisions. University of Florida experts said their technology called machine vision might be commercially available by the end of the decade.

GPS for prostate cancer

Experts say new technology is making it easier to track the position and motion of a patient’s prostate with GPS-like precision during treatment. John Sylvester, M.D. of the Swedish Cancer Institute in Seattle says the way a prostate shifts during radiation treatment can make fighting
prostate cancer a challenge. “From day to day, it can move different amounts, so we have always been stuck with treating more tissue than we want to treat, Dr. Sylvester says.

GPS devices implanted into birds to track migratory routes

In Taiwan, wild birds have been fitted with GPS devices to track migratory patterns. The Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine under the Council of Agriculture, in collaboration with the wild bird societies of Taipei City and Tainan City, did this implantation.

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