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Study GIS at Hong Kong Polytechnic

The Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University is now accepting applications for Master of Science/ Postgraduate Diploma in Geomatics (GIS/ Surveying). It is the longest running postgraduate program in GIS and the only one in Geomatics (Surveying) in Hong Kong.

Mobile Navigation Development

SuperGeo has introduced a mobile GIS application, SuperGIS Mobile Tour, which features customizable map layers that support .geo, .shp, and .jpg fi les. Users can create a complete mobile navigation system after setting the map layers and guide data. It supports route selection and auto-display of pictures of scenic spots etc.Various GPS functions are also supported.

MODON turns to GIS system

MODON signed a GIS contract with the Saudi Consolidated Engineering Company. The project aims to design a GIS for MODON, develop applications and display information of the industrial cities throughout the Kingdom on the Internet.

Rwanda to harmonise GIS data

The National Land Centre (NLC) of Rwanda, is set to harmonise all GIS data streamlining access, ease in sharing and reference amongst all its users.

Azerbaijan Property Registration

Azerbaijan’s State Committee of Land and Cartography is carrying out an aerial photography and satellite survey. ERDAS’ LPS photogrammetry software is used to generate digital orthophotos covering almost 70% of the territory. The project aims to develop a property registration system for the country.

Asia’s largest slum for redevelopment

GIS has been used to map each and every structure and household in the 590-acre slum enclave of Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum in Mumbai, India. As part of the Rs 15,000 crore Dharavi Redevelopment Project, the 18-monthlong survey was carried out by Punebased NGO Mashal, appointed by the Slum Redevelopment Authority. The GIS-based biometric and socioeconomic baseline survey will allow a user to at-the-click of a button find a particular structure and get complete information about its occupant

New system to speed land selection in South Korea

The Korea Land Corporation will provide companies with a computerized consulting service – the Spatial Information Knowledge System for Industry, or SPINKS_INDY, a cuttingedge GIS. The aim is to facilitate business activities in line with current efforts by the government to stimulate the ailing local economy, the corporation said.

Geomajas version 1.4.0 of OS, webbased, editable GIS Software

A team of GIS developers from Belgium have released Geomajas version 1.4.0. It is an open source GIS software enabling geographical editing and support for complex relation models in the web browser.

Russia to launch two GLONASS Correction Relay Satellites

The Russians will launch two multipurpose relay satellites in 2010-2011 for providing GLONASS correction data. Loutch- 5A will be launched in December 2010 and Loutch-5B in December 2011.

ESRI on-site training options

ESRI trains GIS professionals at their workplaces by providing on-site training, coaching, and video teleconferencing, in addition to self-study classes over the Internet. It recently added two new training options -Client Coaching Coupled with Client-Site Training/ Mobile Lab and Instructor-Led Remote Classroom Training.

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