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GIS to fight dengue epidemic in Bangkok

Authorities in Bangkok are resorting to a GIS to ease the dengue epidemic in the Thai capital. According to Bangkok governor, a longer rainy season and changing temperatures have favored the breeding of the mosquito that transmit the fatal disease. He added, the GIS will help the city officials to find critical epidemic areas.

Gaia 3 enhances interoperability of NSDI environment initiative

Gaia 3 software, Carbon Project has been selected for 2007 National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Cooperative Agreement Program (CAP) under a project grant called “Framework NSDI and Beyond”. The Project is a collaborative effort between the North Carolina Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources (NC DENR), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), CubeWerx, The Carbon Project and the geoLeaders Network.

Survey for GIS map of Indore city begins

Indore will be among the few cities of India where GIS technology is being implemented wherein all the available infrastructure of the city its property, roads, water, sewage lines, main holes etc. can be identified separately on the map after being surveyed. Survey using DGPS will be carried out at as many as 42 places in the city. Corporation sources informed that the city will soon have computerized geographical map which will be based on GIS. M/s Ispect System Private shall carry out the survey.

C3S, GIS and surveillance cameras for Dhaka

To enhance traffic management and effective crime control, Dhaka Metropolitan Police has decided to install the digital surveillance system for traffic management and crime control, setting up a unified control room. Under this initiative, 155 sophisticated surveillance cameras will be installed at 59 points in the capital, including its nine entrances and exits. It will facilitate the law enforcers with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system with GIS.

Police force puts crime on the map

South Yorkshire Police has implemented crime mapping technology using intranet mapping service (IMS) based on a GIS. It gives all members of the force access to crime and anti-social behaviour information. Police analysts produce the latest neighbourhood crime trends and resource allocation data using the Crime Analyst technology. IMS will give police officers direct access to the results up to 20 times faster than making a traditional manual request as the data is refreshed on the IMS every two weeks.

Land, Maritime, Air Transportation and Clearance Information at a Glance

septThe National Logistics Information Center will be established to manage overall land, maritime, and air transportation by connecting individual logistics information network across the nation in Korea.

The Ministry of Construction and Transportation has consulted with related Ministries and private companies on specific plans involving other stakeholders of logistics industry, academia, research institutes, and other experts. As for logistics information, database has been built up by individual organization or sector as the current database has limitations in providing information on the entire logistics flow, and lack interconnection among various sectors. The project will be completed in five years.

Global digital geology map

Geoscience Australia is collaborating with similar organisations from more than 40 countries to begin an ambitious geological mapping programs ever undertaken, titled One Geology. It will provide internet access to the most upto- date, worldwide geological map data at a scale of 1:1 million as part of the International Year of the Planet Earth program.

ADB presents Village Development Plans of Aceh Province

The Asian Development Bank presented a set of Village Development Plans to the Governor of Aceh Province recently. These plans provide a framework for housing and infrastructure reconstruction as per guidelines issued by the Badan Rehabilitasi dan Rekonstruksir. ADB is providing $15 million for spatial planning technical assistance in Aceh and Nias following the 2004 Tsunami and March 2005 earthquake.

Newcastle And The Central Coast Of Australia Now In Living Colour (Include in GIS), Australia has released free on-line access to high resolution colour aerial photography of Newcastle, and the whole of the Central Coast area of Australia.This new photography, has a spatial resolution of 10cm for the urban areas and 20cm for the rural areas – one of the highest resolutions offered on the web worldwide. Quality is 36 times better than Google Earth.

United Arab Emirates – Hydrographic Survey

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office has been contracted by the Military Survey Department of the UAE to advise and assist on the planning and management of the Hydrographic Survey of their Territorial Waters. The project shall improve the safety of navigation and enhance the protection of their environment through the provision of modern high quality hydrographic data. The survey area encompasses up to 30,000km2. The large areas of the survey will be completed with airborne systems, supported by surface units. robert.

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