Policy and policing

Jul 2005 | Comments Off on Policy and policing


We were taken aback.

We were taken aback when we were told by none other than the Wireless Advisor to Government of India, that an Operating License is required from the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing, Ministry of Communication and IT, Government of India to operate a GPS in India.

The Wireless Advisor was simply stating the rule, but we were worried.

Worried, because not many GPS users are aware of this rule. Worried, because we feel that the publishing of this fact may disturb the present equilibrium, and dampen the market spirit.

Regardless of whether the Government enforces the rule or not, the fact remains that it exists. And since it exists, then what is the rationale behind it? Should anything be done?

We would like to begin a debate.

A debate on the need, relevance, and importance of such a rule in the present and emergent scenario. Also, on a broader canvas of policy, practice, and policing. We would like the key stakeholders to take this exercise ahead, and make it as participative as possible. A debate that should result in a better understanding and implications of such rules.

A debate that should create an atmosphere for the evolution of a more relevant and friendly policy ambiencefor the growth of positioning and navigation technologies in India.

We understand that the continuance of such a policy scenario may put at stake a lot. At stake is the entire GPS industry. At stake is the wider public, which increasingly uses the end products of GPS technology in its daily life. And what about developmental projects?

On our side, we would like to make a plea. A plea to all those to whom this technology matters. A plea to those who are concerned with the growth of GPS technology in India.

A plea to re-examine the relevance of such a law in present day and emerging scenario.

We need a way out.


Bal Krishna, Editor




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