People die and will die

Dec 2008 | Comments Off on People die and will die


India witnesses another onslaught of brutality, helplessly.

A country of more than a billion, the world’s largest democracy, the rising Asian space power, nuclear power… was held to ransom.

For more than 60 hours.

By a small, but heavily armed, well-trained and highly motivated group.

An execution of meticulous planning, using advanced technologies like digital maps, satellite phones, GPS, VoIP, etc.

The entire nation was outraged and agonized.

Indeed a helpless situation.

The system which has the onus to provide security to the citizens has neither the will nor the willingness.

We must realize that we cannot match the planning, preparedness and precision of the opponents by a system that is callous, corrupt and criminal.

People die and will die in such attacks.



Bal Krishna, Editor




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