Ten on ten

May 2008 | Comments Off on Ten on ten


It is a demonstration once again.

Rather, an assertion of capabilities and underlying pride.

ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle,

PSLV-C9, successfully launched ten satellites

together, perhaps the highest payload ever.

Alongwith eight nanosatellites for international

customers, there were two remote sensing satellites

CARTOSAT-2A and Indian Mini Satellite (IMS-1).

ISRO remains a dominant

player in international market for satellite launch.

However, when it comes to remote sensing satellites, it also

has to compete with private international players.

The crucial issue then becomes, of accessibility and

usability of data vis-à-vis other players.

And when users say, they are happy, ISRO gets 10 on 10.

Interesting and intriguing.


Bal Krishna, Editor




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