Blurred IMAGES

Feb 2007 | Comments Off on Blurred IMAGES


OnFinally, Google agreed.

Agreed to blur the pictures of sensitive Indian establishments.

Recently, Google Earth shocked many.

Many took the development as the deathblow to the issues like
“non-accessibility/non-availability of spatial information”.

However, many got worried, more than ever before,
about the security implications.

The issue was more important as many contended that “such
exposures” were selective in nature and not for all the countries.

Many countries were apprehensive and concerned about the fallout.

Many were caught off guard and fumbled in formulating their response.

Hopefully, this step by Google may address the security concerns of India
to an extent, raised by no one else but by the President of India himself.

Ironically, the adversaries and terrorists do manage to get hold
on sensitive information of their needs. Regardless.

So, the challenge will continue on how to restrict the access
of spatial information to ill-intentioned users.

However, it is also a challenge, in a given scenario, to provide a
hassle free access to spatial information to genuine users.

Unfortunately, they cannot ‘manage’ when they need..


Bal Krishna, Editor




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