Building NSDI: Brick by brick

Jul 2006 | Comments Off on Building NSDI: Brick by brick


India, a happening place.

Right to information, New Map Policy, and now a government resolution on NSDI.

A visible change in attitude and temperament.

And in mindset too.

Having right policies are must for the growth of the industry.

Hence, our crusade continues on policy issues.

Hopefully, this resolution will bring NSDI on the policy priority of the government which otherwise was more pursued by a few enthusiasts.

We would like to take the discussion beyond the realm of euphoria to stricter parameters of measuring a success.

The success does not lie in a resolution, although it may be construed a step ahead.

The issue remains basic and fundamental.

Easy access to spatial information.

And parameters to measure the success will not be defined by the data providers.

It has to be judged by the users.


Bal Krishna, Editor




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