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Lumotive and Lumentum introduce design for 3D LiDAR solutions

Feb 2023 | No Comment

Lumotive, the developer of Light Control Metasurface beam steering chips enabling the next generation of 3D sensors, and Lumentum Holdings, a designer and manufacturer of innovative optical and photonic products,jointly announced the availability of the M30 Reference Design, a complete software-defined sensor implementation to enable rapid adoption of LCM-based solid-state beam steering technology.

The M30 Reference Design integrates Lumotive’s LCM beam steering chip with Lumentum’s M52-100 multi-junction VCSEL array.

The M30 Reference Design, which includes Lumotive’s LCM beam steering chip and Lumentum’s M52-100 multi-junction vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) array, is available now for evaluation by select customers.

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