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Motorola RF switch enables location services


Motorola has announced several new enhancements to its RFS7000 RF Switch to support location services, management and security services including own and and third-party vendor services.

Cisco unveils wireless location solution

Cisco has announced an integrated Wi- Fi chokepoint and telemetry services into the Cisco Location Solution. It includes the Cisco Uni? ed Wireless Network and integrated partner applications and active/passive tag offerings, It is designed to mobilize assets across an enterprise environment.

DigitalGlobe satellite imagery for mobile navigation

LocatioNet Systems Ltd and DigitalGlobe have announced a partnership that adds DigitalGlobe’s global satellite imagery to the amAze mobile service. This collaboration means that voiceguided GPS navigation is enabled over high resolution satellite imagery and aerial photos with regular mass-market phones.

HP adds a virtual layer to reality

HP has launched a new prototype software suite and associated website called Mscape, designed to overlay digital sight, sound and interactions using GPS-enabled mobile devices termed as ‘mediascapes’. These are created using a simple webbased authoring tool on any GPS-enabled handset. When you walk pass the locations in the physical world, the mediascape will activate digital media such as images, text, audio and video.

Trakm8, Motorola join hands for GPS tracking products

Trakm8 Holdings PLC said it has integrated its GPS with Motorola’s Astro radio network. The AIM-listed company, which designs and develops GPRS systems for vehicle tracking and security market, said the combined system will provide GPS positions and internet packet data via a secure communications network.

Way? nder, MapmyIndia in cooperation for navigation

Way? nder has signed an exclusive agreement with MapmyIndia. It will provide Way? nder with access to its digital map data covering India. The agreement enables Way? nder to deliver state-of-the art mobile navigation and LBS in India. www.wayfi

SiRF and Openwave bring location to mobile widgets

SiRF has announced a strategic relationship with Openwave Systems to bring the power of location to Web 2.0 mobile applications. Both companies plan to market the combined solution globally to wireless operators and handset and device OEMs.

Protocol for LBS developed

T. John Kim, a professor of urban and regional planning at the University of Illinois, USA, has developed the protocol for the international standard for LBS. Kim, along with a postdoctoral fellow Sung-Gheel Jang, developed the protocol for the international standard for GIS, described by the professor as the backbone of LBS.

Pitney Bowes MapInfo dishes up Location Intelligence

Pitney Bowes MapInfo has announced that Johnny’s Lunch, a 71-year old restaurant, is relying on its location intelligence solutions to guide its national franchise expansion efforts. It helps them to gain a better understanding of its loyal customers and more accurately identify and forecast the location and performance of new stores as the company expands into new markets.

2011 will connect 52m machines to European mobile networks

According to a new research report from the analyst ? rm Berg Insight, the number of machines connected to mobile networks in Europe will grow by 43.7 percent annually to reach 52.0 million by 2011. At the end of 2006 there were about 8.5 million active cellular and satellite wireless M2M connections in the EU and Western Europe. Energy meters currently constitute the largest vertical market segment in terms of deployed units, followed by motor vehicles, security alarms and POSterminals.

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