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Ford in talks with Google to build self-driving cars

Google is said to be in talks with automaker Ford Motor Co (F.N) to help build the Internet search company’s autonomous cars, Automotive News reported, citing a person with knowledge of the project.

Earlier this year, Google began discussions with most of the world’s top automakers and assembled a team of traditional and nontraditional suppliers to speed efforts to bring selfdriving cars to the market by 2020.

In June, Google began testing tiny, bubbleshaped self-driving prototype vehicles of its own design on public roads around Mountain View. The company has also started testing self-driving prototypes in Austin.

Kcell launches new location service

Kazakhstan mobile operator Kcell has introduced its new ‘Where Is The Child?’ location service. The service, based on LBS, enables users to locate their children using their handset. The service, accessible across the country, also enables users to follow the route of their child and to check the route history.

Toyota to display new map generation system

To aid the safe implementation of automated driving, Toyota is developing a high-precision map generation system that will use data from onboard cameras and GPS devices installed in production vehicles.

Toyota’s new system uses cameraequipped production vehicles to gather road images and vehicle positional information. This information is sent to data centers, where it is automatically pieced together, corrected and updated to generate high precision road maps that cover a wide area.

An understanding of road layouts and traffic rules (including speed limits and various road signs) is essential for the successful implementation of automated driving technologies. Additionally, high precision measurement of positional information requires the collection of information on dividing lines, curbs, and other road characteristics.

Flipkart minority stake in MapmyIndia

India’s largest ecommerce marketplace Flipkart has picked up a minority stake in CE Info Systems Pvt. Ltd, which owns digital mapping business MapmyIndia as it looks to boost its supply chain. http://

Skyworks launches BDS/GPS/ GNSS low-noise amplifiers

Skyworks Solutions Inc of Woburn, MA, USA has launched two new lownoise amplifiers (LNAs) for GNSS. Each device integrates all output matching components, and hence requires only a single external input matching component. The LNAs use surfacemount technology in the form of quad flat no-lead (QFN) packaging, allowing for highly manufacturable and lowcost solutions. The SKY65605-21 and SKY65611-21 are both designed for BeiDou/GPS/GLONASS/Galileo receiver applications and are optimized to operate at 1559-1606MHz.

Antenova adds compact GPS and GNSS receiver modules

The two modules are similar, both measuring 9.0 x 9.0 x 1.8mm, with low current consumption, making them suitable for smaller portable devices, such as smart watches, navigation devices, OBD II modules, asset tracking, personal safety, sports cameras and equipment. They are based on MediaTek’s processor.

There are two part numbers. The M10578-A2 module operates with GPS, with a 1-5 Hz update rate, and the M10578-A3 operates with GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and Gallileo with an update rate of 1-10 Hz.

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