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May 2010 | Comments Off on LBS


SimpleGeo location services launched

SimpleGeo location services infrastructure provides the foundation for new level of intelligent, location-aware applications. It makes it easy and cost-effective to add geo-aware features to applications. Built with developers in mind, it eliminates the excessive time and money spent to build and scale location infrastructure. SimpleGeo provides client libraries and SDKs that enable app developers to get up and running quickly on the platform.

CTIA: Best Practices for LBS

CTIA-The Wireless Association® has released industry’s updated voluntary “Best Practices and Guidelines for Location-Based Services” which promote and protect the privacy of wireless customers’ location information. Initially released in June 2008, the Guidelines were revised due to the dynamic and constantly innovative nature of the wireless ecosystem and the latest developments in LBS. In particular, the Guidelines have been revised to recognize that multiple entities can play a role in the delivery of a single LBS application. LBS providers that have adopted these Guidelines provide consumers with the confidence and assurance that their private location information is protected.

Averna testing with Telogis technology

Averna has integrated GPS routing technology from Telogis into its Universal Receiver Tester solution. Telogis GeoBase is now an integral part of the URT’s NAVigation Advanced SIMulator (NAVASIM) for GPS receiver validation of essential LBS. NAVASIM enables GPSdevice OEMs to create complex driving scenarios using a point-and-click interface and a dynamic vehicle model with built-in Tele Atlas digital maps.

DHL Global Forwarding Service in Sri Lanka

DHL has launched a GPS Tracking System for its LCL ocean freight shipments out of Colombo. The real-time data provided now helps customers in Sri Lanka to improve their supply chain processes, better evaluate delivery times, monitor container routes, and most importantly, reduce costs of risk management.

Navmii in Mauritius

Island Communications Ltd. and Navmii launched Navmii turn-by-turn navigation application for PND and smartphones in Mauritius. Now visitors can search for an address by city, street or junction, or simply select a point on the map. It calculates the best route to the destination.

MiX Telematics’ business intelligence tool

MiX Telematics has developed a business intelligence tool, MiX Insight Reports. It forms part of FM-Web, the Internet-based fleet management service of the company. The reports suite helps to provide insight into customers’ data that is stored in a powerful data warehouse and presented in an intuitive reporting structure. The new features enable FM-Web customers to leverage both real-time and historical fleet information.

TomTom debuts Start² PND in Europe

TomTom unveiled their latest entry level device, Start². It embeds software improvements such as lane assistance and text-to-speech previously not available on this product in Europe. At the hardware level the device is compatible with RDS-TMC to add real-time traffic information. The RDS-TMC receiver is sold as an option.

Garmin Ships new GPS Watch

Garmin Forerunner 110 is a slim and water-resistant watch and has a high-sensitivity SiRFstarIV GPS receiver that boosts the satellite reception even under obstructed sky visibility. The battery lasts up to 8 hours in GPS/ training mode and up to three weeks in power-save mode.

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