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International GNSS Day

Oct 2023 | No Comment

In recognition of the indispensable role that Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) play in shaping the modern world, and the fundamental GPS frequency that forms the foundation for all GNSS, the Institute of Navigation (ION) proudly proclaims the establishment of “International GNSS Day” on the 23rd of October annually.

This date, written as “10/23” in U.S. date format, captures the frequency of 10.23 MHz, the original heartbeat of all GPS satellites, signals, and receivers. This frequency was later adopted by all other GNSS service providers, serving as the basis of L-band signals for over 100 navigation satellites today.

As a day of celebration, International GNSS Day serves to highlight the global impact of satellite navigation in diverse sectors, including transportation, agriculture, aviation, surveying, and beyond. It provides a platform to recognize the collaborative efforts of nations, organizations, and individuals in advancing GNSS technology. ION pays special tribute to the developers of GPS, celebrating 50 years since its inception this year.

This initiative acknowledges Dr. Joanna Hinks of AFRL for her visionary proposal, extending the logical tradition of International Pi Day to a day dedicated to the marvels of GNSS. In the spirit of celebration, we encourage professionals, enthusiasts, and the public alike to commemorate this day with educational activities, workshops, and festivities.

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