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Orolia partnership with Talen-X

Orolia, has taken the next integration steps with its Spectracom line of Resilient PNT products, which will enable clients to take full advantage of Talen-X’s BroadShield Interference and Spoofing Detection technology. Orolia’s Spectracom and Talen-X have aligned hardware and software development efforts to jointly develop, market and sell the most advanced PNT solution. The goal is to combine the strengths of leading Spectracom Resilient PNT products with Talen-X’s interference and spoofing detection suite (BroadShield).

Juniper Systems releases the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet with Android OS

Juniper Systems, provider of ultra-rugged field data collection solutions, recently released its latest product, the Mesa 2™ Rugged Tablet running Android 5.1. Built with the same IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating, long-lasting battery life, and 7-inch display as the Mesa 2 running Windows 10, this solution offers access to a variety of applications.

“We developed the Mesa 2 with Android to provide an alternate operating system option for customers seeking the reliability the Mesa 2 provides, with the added versatility and familiarity of Android,” said VP of Sales and Marketing Nate Holman. “We’ve been excited about releasing this product for quite some time now, I’m looking forward to seeing the variety of business applications it will be used for.”

Teledyne CARIS™ announces the release of HIPS™ Essential

Teledyne CARIS™ has released HIPS™ Essential, the newest edition to the flagship HIPS and SIPS™ suite of products. It has been designed keeping the needs of Ports and Waterways, small survey companies and small hydrographic offices in mind. HIPS Essential is a lightweight subset of the powerful HIPS and SIPS application. It is ideally suited for organizations or individuals wanting a streamlined software package for bathymetry processing. HIPS Essential includes the tools necessary to support both singlebeam and multibeam sonar data including the necessary calibration routines required to deliver accurate data.

SBG Systems unveils Qinertia

SBG Systems takes a major step in the surveying industry by unveiling Qinertia, its in-house post-processing software. After the survey, this full-feature software gives access to offline RTK corrections, and process inertial and GNSS raw data to further enhance accuracy and secure the survey. For more than 10 years, SBG Systems has been designing inertial navigation systems from the internal Inertial Measurement Unit to the filtering with GNSS data. Expert in real-time data fusion, the company takes another step in the surveying industry by unveiling Qinertia, a fully in-house Post- Processing Kinematic (PPK) software. Whether the survey is made from a car, a UAV, a plane or a vessel, Qinertia will secure and enhance your acquisition.

After the mission, Qinertia gives access to offline RTK corrections from more than 7,000 base stations located in 164 countries. By creating a virtual base station near your project, the software delivers the highest level of accuracy without having to set up a base station.

Pointfuse Point Cloud software transforms design of construction

Swanton Consulting has transformed the design of temporary works – such as façade and basement retention – using a software innovation that creates instant 3D models from laser scanner data. Processing of the millions of individual 3D laser scan measurements, known collectively as point clouds, used to take Swanton up to two weeks. However, since introducing Pointfuse V2 point cloud processing software, Swanton can now produce highly accurate vector models, suitable for immediate use by design engineers, in less than a day.

Blue Marble Releases Geographic Calculator 2017

Blue Marble Geographics has released Geographic Calculator 2017. This major version release introduces a new job for performing quality control on seismic survey data; it includes updates to the geodetic datasource, which forms the core of the application; and it adds the Ordnance Survey OSTN15 geoid model for improved vertical coordinate transformations in the UK.

Barcode scanner solution for gas utility pipeline mapping

CartoPac International Inc. has introduced a fully integrated barcode scanning solution for gas utility companies. The solution integrates with the CartoPac Software Suite and enables utilities to quickly and accurately comply with regulations related to the traceability of their as-built natural gas distribution assets. It developed an interface application for the Code barcode reader to stream the captured codex information into the CartoPac Software Suite running on Windows and Windows Mobile GPS-enabled data collection devices, including the Trimble Geo series. Code’s barcode reader transmits barcoded data via Bluetooth connection to the CartoPac software where the 18 data points describing the PVC pipe are stored seamlessly as attributes along with other field data collected for inclusion in the enterprise GIS.

Topcon introduces new GNSS receiver boards

Topcon Positioning Group has announced two new full constellation GNSS receivers for the OEM market. The new B111 and B125 boards are designed for use with a broad range of positioning applications. The boards utilize the GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo constellations with the B111 tracking signals in the L1 and L2 frequency band, while the B125 adds signals in the L5 band.

1Spatial Technology makes German Mapping Authorities 40% faster

1Spatial automated map generalisation resulting in a 40 percent improvement in production time, from five to three years, for the participating members of AdV, the committee that coordinates surveying and mapping in Germany. AdV had previously worked to a five year production cycle for all of its high quality map products. However, this was no longer meeting the demands of customers who required information to be updated more regularly, and in shorter periods. Twelve of the 16 AdV members states decided to develop an automatic process to speed up production and reduce manual effort, and founded the IP-ATKIS-Gen project group. 1Spatial was selected as the IP-ATKIS-Gen partner for one of the largest generalisation projects in Europe. Together the two organisations developed an automated, “context-aware” solution using 1Spatial’s experience and software tools.

Vencore wins prime position

Vencore, Inc. was awarded a prime position on the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Multi-Intelligence Analytical and Collection Support Services
(MACSS) program. The multiple award, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/ IQ) contract is valued at $980 million with a performance period of five years. NGA is both a combat support and an intelligence agency of the United States government, with the primary mission of collecting, analyzing, and distributing geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) in support of national security.

Swift Navigation and PolySync announce technology partnership

Swift Navigation has teamed up with PolySync, a leader that is building the tools and software infrastructure at the center of autonomous vehicle development. As a result of this technology-focused alliance, PolySync has built a driver for Swift Navigation’s flagship product, Piksi™ Multi. The driver is available now.

Raytheon says GPS control system OCX on track to hit revised milestones

Raytheon’s long-embattled ground control system for GPS is back on track following a government contract breach last year that prompted the U.S. Air Force to work with the company to revise the program’s budget and schedule, the program manager said.

“What we’ve seen through the execution of the program in the 2016 time frame up to now, through the first quarter of 2017, is that the milestones we established at the beginning of 2016, we hit every milestone,” said Bill Sullivan, Raytheon’s OCX vice president and program manager.

Vectron adds Furuno GNSS Timing Products to Portfolio

Vectron International has entered into an agreement with Furuno to provide Furuno’s GNSS receivers and timing modules in North America. Furuno’s Opus timing receivers are capable of providing timing accuracy better than 15 ns Root-Mean-Square (RMS) compared to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and only need to track one satellite in position hold mode to provide accurate timing. Built-in Time-Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (TRAIM), anti-jamming, and multipath mitigation ensure signal reception in challenging environments.

Tersus GNSS launches Precis- BX306 RTK board

Tersus GNSS Inc., a GNSS real-time kinematic (RTK) manufacturing company, has launched its new GNSS RTK board, the Precis-BX306. It aims at facilitating the applications that need centimeter positioning accuracy and dynamic operation mode, enforcing effective observation data logging and management, and popularizing the adoption of high precision in aerial mapping and drone-related integration.

KVH Receives $3.5 million order for TACNAV Tactical Navigation Systems

KVH Industries, Inc., has received a $3.5 million order for its TACNAV® tactical navigation systems for use by an international military customer. TACNAV military vehicle navigation systems provide unjammable precision navigation, heading, and pointing data for vehicle drivers, crews, and commanders. It also serves as a heading and position source for situational awareness.

GNSS Correction Service for Marine Applications by NovAtel

NovAtel has unveiled its Oceanix Nearshore correction service. It is a subscription-based GNSS correction service for Precise Point Positioning (PPP), provides exceptionally reliable sub-decimeter positioning for marine applications such as dredging, hydrographic survey, mapping and coastal patrolling, according to NovAtel. With a robust infrastructure, Oceanix precise corrections data is generated utilizing a network of more than 80 strategically located GNSS reference stations globally. Its high rate corrections are designed to ensure the full accuracy of carrier phase is gained for enhanced solution accuracy. Oceanix corrections are delivered via geostationary satellites over L-B and directly to the end-user, providing reliable high accuracy positioning worldwide, according to the company.

KDDI and Terra Drone have announced completion of inventing “4G LTE control system”

KDDI and Terra Drone have announced completion of inventing “4G LTE control system”, the system allows operators to control drones via LTE network. This system also helps drone businesses by managing the information on each drone and operator and providing detailed flight logs of each flight. Flight plans will be created via the system by setting altitude of each optional flight point and flight forms between the points on an online map. During the flight, control instructions based on the flight plan are transmitted to a drone through LTE network. Automatic flights following set flight plans are not the only things this system can do. This system allows operators to watch real-time flights images through “Live View Area” in order to control drones remotely by sight.

Trimble News

Millimeter accuracy by new total station

Trimble® S5 Ti-M total station was specifically designed as a powerful, yet cost-effective solution scalable for monitoring projects of any size, from short-term jobs to multi-year construction operations. Its performance and capability is ideal for the monitoring of buildings above tunnel construction and close to excavation sites. It is also well suited for monitoring the subsidence of road surfaces and embankments. It provides millimeterlevel accuracy and 3D position information for buildings and other structures. When integrated with Trimble’s 4D Control software, it is an even more powerful optical tool capable of handling the most complex monitoring applications. www.

Compact, High-Performance OEM GNSS Sensor

The ABX-Two OEM GNSS sensor delivers precise heading, pitch, roll and 3D positioning information. With two internal MB-Two modules, the ABX-Two offers a third antenna option that provides a drift-free, absolute attitude solution. It is an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications such as agriculture, automotive, aviation, construction and marine systems.

Smart Water Management Software

Trimble® Unity 3.8 is a cloudbased, GIS-centric Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) solution that offers a suite of applications and tools for the water, wastewater, storm water and environmental water industry. It enables customers to monitor real-time operations, deploy smart meters, assess the condition of assets, reduce leakage and non-revenue water (NRW), and locate and map critical infrastructure using Trimble high-accuracy GNSS mapping technologies.


Leica News

Leica iCON now integrated in Liebherr LIPOS®

Leica Geosystems has announced its Leica iCON rig solution has been integrated into LIPOS® (Liebherr Positioning System) by Liebherr, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction machinery. The Leica iCON rig solution for drilling and piling machines will be directly implemented into LIPOS® factory-mounted add-on kit, which includes a fixture for the easy and quick installation of hardware without the need to change the machine structure.

Zeno GG04 smart antenna

New Leica Zeno GG04 smart antenna enables a flexible solution to improve mobile devices’ GNSS accuracy with Real- Time Kinematic (RTK) and Precise Point Positioning (PPP). Paired with the Zeno GG04, any Zeno or third party mobile device with Android or Windows OS can now collect highly-precise positioning data with Leica Geosystems’ GNSS technology and industry-leading 555-channel tracking performance.

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