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Single-enclosure GPS anti-jam antenna for military land vehicles

NovAtel in collaboration with QinetiQ has developed GAJT (pronounced “Gadget”), the world’s first single-enclosure GPS anti-jam system small enough for light armored and other land-based military vehicles. GAJT combines NovAtel’s and QinetiQ’s outstanding technologies in a stand-alone, rugged enclosure that mounts to the exterior of vehicles. Intentional jamming of GPS can completely deny a position solution to users over a broad area. GAJT is a seven element controlled reception pattern antenna (CRPA) that nulls jammers, ensuring GPS positioning capabilities are retained during combat, training or other vehicle-based missions.

Topcon total stations for London Crossrail project

Topcon Europe Positioning B.V. received an order for more than 100 high precision robotic total stations for the Crossrail project in London, UK. The order is one of the single largest orders for total stations ever recorded. The order for 105 instruments is also believed to be the single largest order globally for 0.5” total stations from any manufacturer. The Crossrail project is to provide new east-west rail connections underneath Central London. The project is to provide rail services that will complement the Thameslink Programme, the north-south route through London. Work on the Crossrail project started in 2009, with the first trains expected to be operating by 2018.

Vision ME bags LiDAR project in Saudi Arabia

The Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) in Saudi Arabia awarded one of the largest airborne LiDAR projects undertaken in the Middle East region, to Vision ME. Under this contract, the company will collect airborne LiDAR data of Wadi Hanifah and Wadi Alsully. According to the company’s press statement, the project area covers almost 6,000 square kilometres. The LiDAR data will be utilised to generate an accurate Digital Terrain Model (DTM). The DTM dataset will support ADA activities including, flood-modelling, urban planning, environmental study as well as updating and expanding the GIS database. The project will be executed and delivered within a twelve month programme.

Hemisphere GPS releases Earthworks X100

Hemisphere GPS has released Earthworks X100, an excavator grade control system for small to medium-sized contractors. The new system displays bucket position relative to desired grade. This instant feedback improves the operator’s accuracy and efficiency when digging foundations, trenching, cutting a slope and in many other excavation applications. Hemisphere GPS’ Earthworks X100 includes 3 ultra-rugged angle sensors and a colour touchscreen terminal that’s capable of displaying the bucket teeth or tool position to within 2 centimetres. The system can be upgraded to either Earthworks X200 or X300, the full 2D and 3D excavator grade control systems capable of shaping dual-slopes and more complex design surfaces.


Leica enhances processing speed of XPro 5.1

Leica Geosystems has announced enhancements to its superior line sensor workflow Leica XPro. Users of Leica XPro 5.1 can now benefit from the conceptual changes within the workflow to double the processing speed and to deliver Info Clouds that include – additionally to Point Clouds – spectral and time information. The innovative approach used in Leica XPro 5.1 allows performing the intermediate workflow steps of image QC and aerial triangulation directly on the raw Mass Memory MM80 data. The time consuming L0 image extraction step can now be skipped. The new software version offers an one-click ‘from Raw to Product’ processing option for applications as disaster management, where the production and delivery speed of orthoimages play a crucial role.

Leica Geosystems releases Leica RCD30 60MP multispectral camera

Leica Geosystems has officially released the much anticipated Leica RCD30 medium format camera. The Leica RCD30 is the first 60MP medium format camera that can record co-registered multispectral four-band imagery in RGB and NIR. In addition, a variety of innovative design features such as mechanical motion compensation along two axis, specifically designed lens systems as well as state-of-the-art calibration techniques make the Leica RCD30 the most advanced and most suitable single-lens medium.

Leica expands airborne LiDAR product line

Leica Geosystems has released ALS70 family of airborne LiDAR systems. The new product line, consisting of ALS70-CM City Mapper, ALS70-HP High Performance and ALS70-HA High Altitude models, covers the entire range of LiDAR mapping applications, and represents a major advancement in the state-of-the-art for airborne LiDAR.

Leica Geosystems

SuperGeo releases Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.0

SuperGeo Technologies have released its Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.0 (Android version) worldwide. Designed for cadastral position and measurement, Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.0 now integrates with GIS, GPS, and e-compass technologies to assist field surveyors in quickly recognizing their current location as well as the correct cadastral information.

With Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.0 that enhances the interface, map display function and query speed, users can define the data source and cadastral information to meet their needs. Besides the cadastral query function, the records of waypoint and GPS track provide field surveyors with real-time information. Moreover, field surveyors can check these data as the track reference and analyze them in a desktop computer.

Garmin selected as the official supplier of Marine Navigation Systems to the 34th America’s Cup

Garmin has announced that it has been selected to be the exclusive official supplier of marine navigation, marine communication, and marine sensor equipment to the 34th America’s Cup. A full suite of Garmin electronics, which includes the award-winning GPSMAP(R) 7000 series of touchscreen multi-function displays (MFDs), will outfit the fleet of support boats used for the AC45 World Series, AC72 World Series, as well as the Louis Vuitton Cup, the America’s Cup Challenger Series and the America’s Cup Finals.

Garmin International Inc.

Trimble announces new RTX technology

Trimble has introduced its new high-accuracy GNSS correction technology, Trimble RTX technology. Trimble RTX (Real-Time Extended) combines real-time data with innovative positioning and compression algorithms to deliver better than 4 centimeter (1.5 inch) repeatable accuracy with as little as one minute convergence in selected areas. The new technology utilizes real-time data from a global reference station infrastructure to compute centimeter level positions based on satellite orbit and clock information. Trimble RTX powers the new Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction service.

Blue Marble Introduces Envelope Control to ArcMap with Desktop 2.3 Release

Blue Marble Geographics has announced the release of the latest version of the Blue Marble Desktop v2.3. With this release come many new & exciting features that will allow users and managers to expand their usage of the Blue Marble Desktop within their respective organizations. Version 2.3 adds key functionality enhancements that grant users the ability to edit and share custom coordinate transformation work both in the Blue Marble Desktop and with Esri’s ArcMap via the Geographic Calculator Extension for ArcMap. Additional features include six new vertical datum models, a new MetaData Editor and LiDAR processing tool, and other map data viewing enhancements.

Secret WWII Underground Bunkers and Tunnels Mapped with ProMark 100 GNSS Receiver

Beneath the surface of this tropical paradise in the city of Townsville on Australia’s Sunshine Coast lies a still hidden maze of tunnels and underground bunkers, once said to be used by General Douglas MacArthur. Learning the secrets of this labyrinth that was a major WWII staging point for battles in the South West Pacific is the passion of Kevin Parkes, of Geo Positioning Services, a local Ashtech dealer.
Parkes main tool is historic aerial photography, coupled with hours of research in the National Australian Archives and the National Library of Australia. To that he adds geophysical surveys of the infrastructure. Parkes is undertaking the geophysical surveying and mapping using an Ashtech ProMark™ 100 GNSS receiver and a Willy Bayot PPM Mk 3 magnetometer. Parkes runs the two units in parallel later processing both data sets. The dual constellation, GPS and GLONASS, reception of the ProMark 100 is essential to the success of Parkes’ work. After more than a hundred data collection passes with the magnetometer and ProMark 100 through groves of trees, at no time did the PDOP rise to more than three and at all times there were more than eight satellites available. The ProMark 100 data is post-processed to improve accuracy.

Maptek releases Vulcan 8.1 to global market

Mining technology developer, Maptek, has released Vulcan 8.1 to its 5500-strong global user base, providing new engineering functionality for underground stope studies, scheduling tools for open pit operations and a host of enhancements to existing features. Maptek is committed to continual improvement of Vulcan 3D geological modelling and mine planning software through persistent investment in research and development.

u-blox opens second office in China

u-blox has announced the opening of a second office in China located in Shenzhen, a vibrant manufacturing and high-tech hub serving the global markets. “Shenzhen has become a major engine of high-tech design and manufacturing, and is home to some of China’s most prominent technology companies. With the wide-spread integration of GPS and wireless communications in consumer, industrial and automotive products, our new office will allow us to keep our largest and most innovative customers in the South China region better informed about our products,” said William Liu, u-blox China Country Manager and Chief Representative of this office.

MicroSurvey Releases STAR*NET V7

MicroSurvey has announce the largest, most significant update to STAR*NET to date. STAR*NET new Version 7 brings an incredible amount of workflow enhancements to help speed up this part of the process. MicroSurvey purchased STAR*NET in 2010 and has worked tirelessly bringing dozens of enhancements and other requests into the new version. Every surveyor who currently has a copy of STAR*NET is strongly advised to get this update. Surveyors not yet using STAR*NET to correct and clean up their data before mapping, should start with Version 7. Build confidence by ensuring your field data is both accurate and correct.

Septentrio and Altus strategic relationship

Septentrio Satellite Navigation NV and Altus Positioning Systems have announced expansion of their strategic relationship to pursue growth opportunities in the high-precision satellite-based surveying sector. Under the agreement, Septentrio is making a substantial investment in Altus through its U.S. subsidiary, Septentrio Inc., which is jointly owned by Septentrio Satellite Navigation NV, and by the Belgische Maatschappij voor Internationale Investering – Société Belge d’Investissement International (BMI-SBI) / Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen (PMV), a Belgium-based investment consortium.

GNSS Receiver Smaller Than Business Card

NovAtel Inc. has introduced the newest member of its OEM6 next generation receiver family: the OEM615. At only 46 x 71 x 11 millimetres and weighing 24 grams, the diminutive OEM615 provides world-class precise positioning in a familiar, compact form factor. It tracks existing and planned GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Compass signals. With 120 dynamic channels configured to track GPS + GLONASS L1/L2 now, it offers future-ready performance for constellations and signals yet to become operational.

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