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SBG Systems unveils Ekinox Micro

SBG Systems has released Ekinox Micro, a compact and rugged high-performance inertial navigation solution designed to deliver unmatched accuracy in even the most challenging environments.

Combining high-performance MEMS tactical inertial sensor with a quad-constellation, dual-antenna GNSS receiver, Ekinox Micro is the logical choice for mission-critical applications. It meets theMILSTD-461, MIL-STD-1275, and MIL-STD-810 standards, ensuring reliable and accurate performance even in the harshest environments.

Measuring just 4.2 x 5.7 x 6.0 cm and weighing only 165 g, Ekinox Micro is small and lightweight, yet rugged enough to handle any application. It includes pre-configured motion profiles for land, air, and marine applications, allowing the sensor and algorithms to be tuned for maximum performance in any condition. One of the features of Ekinox Micro is its dual-antenna GNSS receiver for heading. However, fieldproven algorithms also allow maximum performance even in single-antenna mode for all but lowest dynamics applications.

Autonomous mobile mapping solution by Leica

Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, has announced the latest addition to its Leica Pegasus TRK portfolio of mobile mapping solutions, the Leica Pegasus TRK100. The new mobile mapping system features the same modular hardware approach allowing users to add more cameras to expand the range of use cases.

It is designed to excel in GIS mapping and asset management applications, providing essential location intelligence for georeferenced visual data. Tailored for GIS professionals, it empowers them to transform their business operations.

Hesai Technology partnership agreement with Inertial Labs

Hesai Technology (HSAI) announced a multi-year Technology Partnership Agreement for lidar sensors with Inertial Labs. Inertial Labs selected Hesai’s sensors to provide perception and navigation capabilities for its navigation systems for autonomous marine, land, and aerial-based robotics systems.

Hesai’s lidar sensor solutions enable robotics systems to operate autonomously and safely without human intervention. The sensors provide real-time 3D point cloud data for localization, obstacle detection, and path planning. Hesai’s lowpower sensors support autonomous mobile systems in various outdoor environmental conditions, including precipitation from rain, snow & fog.

Trimble introduces precise positioning solution

Trimble, announced the Trimble PX-1 RTX solution for accurate and robust positioning and heading for commercial drone delivery applications. It allows drone integration companies to add precise positioning capabilities so operators can more efficiently plan and execute takeoff, navigation and landing tasks as drone delivery advances to take on more challenging operations.

The Trimble PX-1 RTX leverages Trimble’s CenterPoint RTX corrections and small, high-performance GNSSinertial hardware to provide real-time, centimeter-level positioning and highly accurate inertial derived true heading measurements.

Harxon releases helix antenna series

Harxon has added to its helix antenna family with a series of four devices that are suitable for unmanned system applications.

HX-CUX012A is designed with extremely low profile, making it suitable for integration into UAVs, surveying and monitoring devices. It reduces the overall weight of applications, enables multipath mitigation and more.

Adtran and Satelles partnership

Adtran®, Inc and Satelles, Inc. announced a strategic partnership. The collaboration will enable operators of critical infrastructure to safeguard their timing networks with Satellite Time and Location (STL) technology. By integrating Satelles’ STL into its Oscilloquartz network synchronization products, Adtran will provide an alternative to GNSS systems or a way to augment them with enhanced reliability and security. With the ability to deliver highly precise PNT service, even in GNSS-denied applications, STL offers a vital resource for mobile operators, power utility companies, government, scientific research and more.

STL provides augmented and secure backup for GPS or other GNSS by harnessing encrypted signals transmitted via LEO satellites. It ensures timing and location information that is highly precise, robustly secure, and accessible worldwide.

HC871SXF GNSS helical antenna by Tallysman

Tallysman® Wireless Inc. has released the dual-band low-profile HC871SXF to its industry-leading line of helical GNSS antennas. The dual-band GNSS antenna is designed for precise positioning, covering the GPS/QZSS-L1/ L2, GLONASS-G1/G2, Galileo-E1, and BeiDou-B1 frequency bands, including the satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) available in the region of operation [WAAS (North America), EGNOS (Europe), MSAS (Japan), or GAGAN(India)].

SingularXYZ launches NEW Sfaira One GNSS receiver

Singular XYZ has released the Sfaira One GNSS receiver. The portable size, centimeter-accurate receiver provides users with an entry-level network real time kinematic (RTK) rover. It is equipped with a GNSS module with 1,408 channels for GPS, BDS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS tracking — providing centimeter positioning in harsh environments. It also features advanced RTK and an anti-interference algorithm.

NavGuard solution by Asio Technologies

Asio Technologies announced the successful completion of several demonstrations of its NavGuard optical navigation system to strategic customers in the United States. The demonstrations were conducted in response to defense and civil customer requests. They involved drones performing aerial navigation activities as well as automatic door-to-door delivery of packages over urban and rural areas without relying on GNSS signals.

NavGuard is a real-time optical navigation system that enables precise, autonomous GNSS-free navigation for tactical UAS platforms, making it an ideal solution for tactical drone missions where payload capacity and flight time are limited, and continuous operation under all conditions is critical.

Final demonstration for the iMUGS European defense project

Final demonstrations for the iMUGS (Integrated Modular Unmanned Ground System) defense project took place at the San Juan del Viso military grounds in Madrid (Spain) by GMV. That project’s primary objective is to increase the European Union’s defensive capabilities and strategic autonomy, and its mission is to develop the standard European unmanned ground system (UGS), by integrating robotics systems into the manned technology that European defense forces already have available.

The demonstration used two THeMIS UGVs, manufactured by Milrem Robotics, Europe’s leading developer of robotics and autonomous systems, and modified by other companies participating in the project. These vehicles are equipped with autonomous functions, both individually (one UGV can receive a mission and complete it in an isolated manner, with no operator involvement) and as swarms (various UGVs can be combined as a single team and given a mission, performing self-management to achieve the objective).

ComNav releases GNSS solution for robotic lawn mowers

Comnav Technology has released the U702 datalink module, an RX/TX data link module that supports the LoRa modulation technique. Its compact, surface-mounted design and robust electromagnetic compatibility enables easy integration into GNSS systems such as robotic lawn mowers.

Cardinal module integrated into UVify Omega drone platform

Rajant Corporation announced the integration of its latest Cardinal module with UVify’s OMEGA drone platform. It is a powerful, lightweight, and notably the smallest dual-radio platform within Rajant’s portfolio of industrial wireless nodes. It supports applications like drone swarms for military applications, track verification systems for rail maintenance, inventory management for smart warehousing, industrial security and mapping for large enterprise sites, and drone light shows.

HevenDrones partnership with RV Connex

HevenDrones and RV Connex has signed a MoU aimed at developing a national smart drone technology ecosystem in Thailand.

The MoU will span key economic sectors including defense, cyber security, IoT and logistics. It will work with HevenDrones to introduce cutting-edge advancements into Thailand’s existing drones market across the public, private and military sectors, in particular, the use of hydrogen-powered drones, as well as smart IoT-connected control centers.

Drone Nerds launches Cinematography Drone

Drone Nerds has launched cinematography drone, the DJI Inspire 3. It features the same Zenmuse X9 camera that is featured on the Ronin 4D; this camera also offers dual-native ISO to capture crystal clear images. With advanced RTK functionality, the Inspire 3 allows pilots to plan more precise flights. It can fly through industrial areas with high concentrations of metal, concrete, or magnetic interference with built-in dual antennas.

ROCK Robotic Introduces R3 and R3PRO LiDAR

LiDAR technology company ROCK Robotic launched the R3 and R3 PRO systems. The R3 product line introduces sophisticated hardware components into a lightweight, integrated 3D point cloud collection tool. Inside the new ROCK R3, there is a cuttingedge technology, including a geodetic-grade GNSS receiver and tactical-grade IMU. The R3 PRO comes equipped with a Hesai Pandar XT32 sensor.

Cesium partners with Google Maps platform

Cesium has announced a partnership with Google Maps Platform, which is launching the experimental release of Photorealistic 3D Tiles through their Map Tiles API. Photorealistic 3D Tiles use the widelyadopted Open Geospatial Consortium’s 3D Tiles standard created by Cesium. Data is available for over 2,500 cities and 49 countries to an open ecosystem of 3D Tiles-enabled runtimes, including CesiumJS, Unreal, Unity, and NVIDIA Omniverse.

SAS commits $1B to AI-powered industry solutions

SAS will invest $1 billion over the next three years to further develop advanced analytics solutions targeted at the unique needs of specific industries. In banking, government, insurance, health care, retail, manufacturing, energy and more, SAS will build upon its decades long focus on providing tailored solutions to industry challenges.


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