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Septentrio boosts its portfolio with mosaic GNSS module

Septentrio has announced the launch of the mosaic high precision GNSS receiver module. Small in size, but huge in performance, this module sets a new benchmark for the mass market positioning building blocks. It supports more than 30 signals from all six GNSS constellations, L-band and various satellite-based augmentation systems. Unlike many dual band receivers on the market, it supports correction services and uses RTK technology together with Septentrio’s industry-renowned algorithms to guarantee maximum accuracy and availability. The surface-mount design of mosaic is optimised for automated assembly and ease of integration, with a full library of well-documented and flexible interfaces.

Oscar – a new RTK receiver by Tersus GNSS Inc.

The Oscar is a new generation GNSS RTK system. Support calibration free tilt compensation function, no need to leveling pole. Easily configuration with a 1.3-inch large interactive screen. With an internal high-performance multiconstellation and multi-frequency GNSS board, the Oscar can provide high accuracy and stable signal detection. The highperformance antenna can speed up the time to first fix (TTFF) and improve antijamming performance. The built-in large capacity battery can support up to 10 hours of fieldwork. The radio module in the package supports long communication ranges. The rugged housing protects the equipment from harsh environments.

GNSS smart antenna for precision agriculture

Ag Leader has unveiled new guidance and steering solutions for precision agriculture, including a dual-antenna automated steering system and the latest in GNSS technology.

The GPS 7500 is a field-ready, multifrequency GNSS smart antenna providing the latest technology including access to multiple GNSS signals for up to sub-inch accuracy and increased performance in variable terrain.

When combined with NovAtel’s TerraStar-C PROdifferential correction service, GPS 7500 receives multi-constellation support for better satellite availability.

A full range of performance accuracies are available from GLIDE to RTK, offering a variety of solutions for customers. Combined with SteerCommand, the GPS 7500 offers sub-inch real-time kinematic (RTK) accuracy using the Relay 400, Relay 900 or InCommand NTRIP Client.

SP20 handheld GNSS receiver

The SP20 handheld GNSS receiver offers innovative camera-enabled centimeter accurate logging in an everyday GIS and Survey tool.

Rugged, lightweight and versatile, the SP20 delivers high-end performance. Yet it’s an easy-to-use, time-saver tool that delivers the accuracy (meter to centimeter) you choose, that’s just right for the job.

With Android-based ease and versatility it’s the optimal tool for cadastral, construction, or topo surveys; a range of GIS jobs from data collection to inspection and maintenance; as well as for non-traditional geospatial professionals. The 5.3’’ screen neatly displays the new workflow using a camera to ensure 2D centimeter accuracy handheld and 3D centimeter accuracy with monopole setup.

U.S. Air Force to battle hostile navigation environments

Rockwell Collins has been selected by the U.S. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (USAF AFLCMC) to provide its latest-generation Digital GPS Anti-Jam Receiver (DIGAR). With unsurpassed GPS threat protection levels, DIGAR receivers will bring highly-reliable navigation for U.S. Air National Guard and U.S. Air Force Reserve F-16 aircraft operating in contested, electromagnetic environments. This will be the first combat fighter aircraft to be installed with the latest version of the receiver.

Carlson Survey OEM 2019 Released

The Carlson Survey 2019 OEM has just been released with the AutoCAD® 2018 OEM engine built-in. Carlson Survey users can read and write directly with the current AutoCAD DWG-drawing file format.

Some of the new commands found in Carlson Survey OEM 2019 include:

▪ Elevation Along Entity – A new command that allows users to create points at an elevation interval along a 3D polyline.

▪ Import Angle/Distance File – A new command that allows users to draw a polyline using angles and distances in text file.

▪ Arc Annotation – An added option that allows users to strip degrees leading zero for delta angles.

▪ Arc Dimensions – A new command that allows users to label arc values along the chord or radial lines.

Trimble announces new versions of eCognition software

Trimble has announced t eCognition® version 9.4 featuring updates to eCognition Developer and the eCognition Oil Palm Application. Trimble’s eCognition is a software platform for advanced geospatial image analysis for environmental, agriculture, forestry and infrastructure applications.The software extracts accurate geo-information from remote sensing data. eCognition’s intelligent information extraction capabilities accelerate mapping, change detection and object recognition by delivering standardized and reproducible image analysis results.

Quectel Launches Dead Reckoning GNSS Module

Quectel Wireless Solutions has launched a compact dead reckoning GNSS module L26-DR recently.

It is a concurrent multi-GNSS receiver module embedded with dead reckoning(DR) solution, which greatly improves the positioning accuracy and speed while simplifying customer designs. The DR capability ensures the module to deliver the highest-performance positioning solution available, even when GNSS signal is absent or compromised. Equipped with 6-axis sensor MEMs and a powerful GNSS core, the module provides high sensitivity, fast GNSS signal acquisition and tracking with low system integration effort.

GNSS receiver for severe reception conditions

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) and Furuno Electric have developed a receiver for GPS and other GNSS to improve timesynchronization accuracy in areas with severe reception conditions such as among buildings and in mountainous areas.

The new receiver promises to enable time synchronization accuracy close to that obtained in open-sky reception environments with no obstructions, even in environments previously considered poor and unsuitable for accurate time synchronization. According to Furuno, time error was reduced to approximately 1/5 of earlier values during tests of the receiver.

Accurate time synchronization with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), GNSS such as GPS, is used in a wide range of fields such as synchronizing mobile base stations, financial trading, earthquake measurements and other

Imagination Technologies Introduces Comprehensive GNSS IP Core

Imagination Technologies has announced the offering of the Ensigma Location GNSS IP core that supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou as well as several Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) including WAAS and EGNOS. Designed for ultra-low power consumption, the IP is designed to optimize battery powered remote IoT sensors and edge devices, wearables, health monitors, consumer mobile products, automotive after-sales products such as insurance boxes and road tolling equipment, and asset tracking devices.

CHC Navigation introduces the Alpha3D Mobile Mapping Solution

CHC Navigation launched Alpha3D Mobile Mapping Solution providing, a unique combination of leading sensors technologies and CHCNAV core GNSS expertise. It offers geospatial professionals a premium high-performance, vehicleindependent mobile mapping solution to capture mass data in continuously changing world environments, enabling them to get work done quickly and more accurately to increase their ROI.

New version of Trimble earthworks grade control platform

Trimble Earthworks for Motor Graders is a GNSS-based, 3D grade control solution designed to make fine grading more accurate, faster and easier than ever before. In addition, it now gives excavator operators using tiltrotators the advantage of automatic machine control, which can result in increased productivity.

It leverages Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensor technology in combination with GNSS, resulting in increased accuracy and stability in fine grading applications. Operators will enjoy the same intuitive, easy-to-use and learn Trimble Earthworks software available for excavators and dozers.

Trimble announces machine control and payload management on one platform

Trimble announced the Trimble LOADRITE Payload Management for Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform for Excavators integration. This integration will help increase productivity and efficiency for excavator operations, allowing contractors to track bucketby- bucket payload, and monitor mass haul progress from the same Trimble Earthworks display. The versatile system can be installed on any hydraulic excavator that has Trimble Earthworks, and offers an easy transition between grade control and payload management, maximizing the contractor’s investment.

DJI supports major test of drone airspace integration

DJI has demonstrated how its AeroScope remote identification technology can be a key element in an unmanned traffic management (UTM) system that safely integrates drones and traditional aircraft into the same airspace.

The AeroScope solution was featured in Operation Zenith, a full-scale test of how a UTM system can enable beneficial uses of drones in controlled airspace while helping monitor unauthorized or uncooperative drone activities. It demonstrated eight scenarios in which drones successfully worked in concert with traditional aircraft movements at Manchester Airport in the United Kingdom. Operation Zenith was led by the aviation technology company Altitude Angel, as well as Manchester Airport and NATS, the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services, and included a wide range of government, industry and academic participants.

New software release by Cadcorp

Cadcorp, the UK based developer and supplier of GIS and web mapping software, has announced its latest release – Cadcorp SIS 9. It is a complete set of geospatial tools covering desktop, server, web, and application development environments. It includes multiple performance improvements as well as new and enhanced

Bentley Systems Announces the Acquisition of ACE enterprise Slovakia

Bentley Systems Incorporated has announced the acquisition of ACE enterprise Slovakia, provider of innovative technology solutions to interface with enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM), and GIS. ACE enterprise has been a technology partner of Bentley Systems.

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