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RADARSAT-2 DEM for the Malaysian Government

MDA’s Information Systems Group (MDA) has signed a contract with Sky-Shine Corporation of Malaysia to deliver over 52,000 square kilometers of digital elevation products using space-based imagery from RADARSAT-2 acquired during 2013 and 2014. MDA will deliver the completed digital elevation products for an area in Peninsular Malaysia as part of a project for the Malaysia Remote Sensing Agency in early 2014. This contract builds on MDA’s leadership in the production of largescale Digital Elevation Models (DEMs).

Drones in the Port of Hamburg

The Aibot X6 was able to utilize its unique features when inspecting the famous Koehlbrandbridge in Hamburg, Germany. The bridge spans approximately 3600 m (2.3 miles). It is submitted to a complex examination procedure. The exact process of the inspection is regulated by DIN norm 1076 with the aim of documenting the current state to detect damages in time. The drone circles around the bridge and delivers high-resolution videos and images.

China launches remotesensing satellite

China has sent a remote-sensing satellite into scheduled orbit, according to the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. The Yaogan XIX satellite was launched from the launch center in north China’s Shanxi Province. The launch marked the 184th mission for the nation’s Long March rocket family.

Astrium’s SPOT 6 satellite qualifies for Copernicus programme

Astrium Services’s SPOT 6 highresolution satellite has been qualif

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