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Jun 2007 | Comments Off on GPS

GPS navigation for athletes

eSymetric GmbH, Germany, has invented a computer program for use on mobile Pocket PC devices that offers navigation for athletes named “Run.GPS”. It makes navigation possible outdoors without looking on the screen. This is accomplished by speaking all the relevant information.

GPS technology for corporation vehicles

Officials of the Chennai Corporation, India, plans to use the GPS to monitor if garbage trucks, fogging machines, laddermounted streetlight repair vehicles and parks’ watering tankers are taking the prescribed route and stopping for work at the designated points.

GPS comes to promotion marketing

Orange has unveiled a virtual web game that uses a GPS tracking device attached to a bull in a field somewhere near Somerset. Spot The Bull exploits the mobile will fetch prizes to players if they can correctly predict the location of the creature.

BBC shows off its GPS reporting

The BBC has been trailing a citizen journalist reporting project where stories have been tagged using GPS technology in mobile phones. The stories play as multimedia slideshows synchronised with Google Maps presentations. BBC said it was likely that geo-tagging, adding location-based data, was likely to feature in news stories in the future.

EU to develop traffic information service

The EU-funded Highway project developed a pioneering traffic information service by integrating smart real-time maps, modern mobile phone technology, positioning systems, 2D/3D spatial tools and speech/voice recognition interfaces. It hopes that the system will reduce the number of road accidents.

Canada deploys GPS shell to Afghanistan

The Canadian military has acquired Excalibur precision-guided munitions for its artillery guns in Afghanistan, which is prepared, programmed and fired like a conventional shell and guided by GPS.

Handheld GPS computers for soldiers

The Indian army is set to equip soldiers with handheld multi-role computers to enable them to pinpoint their field locations in difficult-terrain tactical warfare and for counterinsurgency operations. The device is called “sathi

Greater Noida, India to fit GPS in buses

Greater Noida shall become the second city in India to install GPS and Passenger Information System in its buses and bus shelters. Greater Noida Development Authority (GNDA) will be sending teams to Indore to study the system and replicate the same in Greater Noida.

Hi-tech system to save the lions

Endangered Asiatic lions of Gir forest, India shall be tracked with the help of GPS. However, forest officials are not sure whether such a hi-tech system would prove helpful in protecting the lions.

GLONASS to become free for users

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the GLONASS navigation system to provide the service free for customers, the Kremlin press service said. “Access to civilian navigation signals of global navigation satellite system GLONASS is provided to Russian and foreign consumers free of charge and without limitations,” the presidential decree reads.

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