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By 2017, Virtual Singapore to be ready

Singapore is likely to see its first 3D city model platform for knowledge sharing and community collaboration by 2017, according to National Research Foundation (NRF). The cost of the project is S$73 million. It will display geometric, geospatial, topographical information ranging from components within a building, down to fine details like type of vegetation and composition of a building’s material. The 3D model’s realistic representation of physical Singapore will support agencies’ modelling, analysis and policy planning, in areas such as urban and infrastructure development, disaster management and homeland security.

Tsunami warning system: India to do 3D mapping of coast

On the 10th anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Minister for Science and Technology and Earth  NEWS – GIS Sciences Harsh Vardhan said under the pilot project 3D GIS mapping of Cuddalore and Nagapattinam (both in Tamil Nadu) was being taken up. The workshop was organised at the Indian Tsunami Early Warning Centre to mark 10 years of the tsunami which claimed 2.38 lakh lives in 14 countries. As many as 10,749 people were killed in India. The centre, which is a joint effort of 14 institutions, is pursuing technical enhancements like integration of data from GNSS networks, real-time inundation modelling, location-based warning dissemination systems to improve accuracy and timeliness of tsunami warning.

Odisha, India Spatial Data Infrastructure & State Data Policy

In another bid to facilitate access to Government owned data with the stakeholders for planning, execution, governance and academic purposes, Govt of Odhisha, India have embarked upon establishment of Odisha Spatial Data Infrastructure with a distinct Odisha Data Policy. The draft data policy prepared has been preparedby ORSAC

State has decided to launch State Data policy on the principles of avoiding redundancy, allowing openness, interoperability and improving the quality and utilization of Govt owned data base. The objective is to facilitate accessibility of data base to all the stake holders, projection of data on a common electronic platform and sharing of authentic data for the purposes of supporting inclusive growth and good governance.

RMSI launches ConflateXTM

RMSI has recently launched ConflateXTM, a scalable data conflation solution that addresses the key business challenges of improving spatial accuracy and data integrity of network assets by aligning them to a more precise and accurate real world system. It helps organizations to deploy integrated, more spatially accurate network data. This helps them in managing reliable asset networks efficiently while meeting stringent safety and regulatory requirements.

SuperGIS 3D Earth Server updates with stronger functionality

Supergeo Technologies has released the latest SuperGIS 3D Earth Server 3.2 with diverse enhancements and structure modifications to elevate user experience of 3D GIS data viewing. It is the enterprise GIS sever that allows organizations to display and share huge geospatial data in 3D view, a breakthrough technology in traditional GIS systems.

NASA’s Ikhana UAS captures Orion Splashdown

As NASA’s new exploration spacecraft Orion made its way back to Earth from its first test mission, the Ikhana unmanned aircraft system captured its return—making it possible for NASA to stream the parachute deployment and splashdown footage on live television.

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