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Supergeo invest in Innovative Geographic Network Analysis

Supergeo Technologies has announced the investment plan in advanced geographic network applications. The technology collaboration is conducted by Supergeo and the Department of Geography, National Taiwan University, supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan. The academiaindustry project mainly focuses on the production of geographic network analysis module to increase the coverage of GIS applications. This innovative project considers more social network influence than the traditional GIS analysis, which only takes distance as the main factor but ignores human activities. For example, the infection of disease may be limited by geographic environment and distance, but the community far away from the original might still get infected because of human activities.

‘National Map’ for geospatial data in Australia launched

The federal government has launched an online map of Australia that allows users to overlay geospatial datasets made available by agencies. It is a joint effort by the Department of Communications, NICTA and Geoscience Australia. The datasets are sourced from Geoscience Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the government’s open data repository. A range of open source software and frameworks has been used for the site, including Cesium, Leaflet, Geoserver, jquery, URI.js, proj4js, html2canvas, knockout, esri-leaflet.js, togeojson, and Tilelayer. Bing.js.

Bentley’s SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, CivilStorm, StormCAD V8i and LEAP Bridge Steel

Bentley Systems has announced the availability of its new SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, CivilStorm, and StormCAD V8i (SELECTseries 4) products for the analysis and design of wastewater and stormwater systems. It provide advanced hydraulic and operational capabilities for an increased depth of information modeling that empowers users to evaluate and compare a wider range of network considerations.

Bentley LEAP Bridge Steel is for the 3D modeling, design, analysis, and load rating of everyday steel bridges. The software, which adheres to AASHTO Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) specifications, enables users to leverage the benefits of bridge information modeling (BrIM), including increased efficiency and data reuse across the bridge lifecycle. It also provides the advantages of optioneering – which enables engineers to quickly consider trade-offs between multiple design strategies.

GIS based soil fertility maps prepared for 19 states in India

Indian Institute of Soil Science has developed GIS based soil fertility maps of 19 states using data of different soil testing laboratories in India. The assessment revealed that about 59, 49 and 9% soils are low in available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium respectively. The extent of micronutrient deficiency in soil (state-wise) was studied under the All India Coordinated Research Project on ‘Micro and Secondary Nutrients and Pollutant Elements in Soils and Plants’.

The government through the National Project on Management of Soil Health and Fertility and National Project on Organic Farming promotes soil test based balanced and integrated nutrient management and use of organics (manure/ composts, biofertilizers etc.) to prevent decline in fertility of agricultural land and to improve soil fertility. http://

LizardTech’s GeoGofer

LizardTech’s GeoGofer was designed to streamline the process of finding, organizing, and tracking geospatial imagery. It comes with powerful search and filter features to find imagery by keyword, by projection, by file format and more. With GeoGofer, users can browse all of their imagery on a single map, tag images for later use, and perform powerful queries using simple tools. Users can search by modification date, by number of bands, or by resolution to find the imagery they need—when they need it.

Indian state mulls over GIS mapping of vacant industrial plots

To spur industrial growth and attract investment, the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government is mulling over using GIS to map vacant industrial plots in the state. This would enable online selection of such sites by industrialists to set up units. The government is also planning to create a labour pool of industry associations based on different skill sets to supplement job-specific workforce on demand. The measures, aimed at improving the business climate in state of UP.

State-wide road & bridges system for India

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu has launched a web-based GIS system for roads and bridges that can be used by multiple agencies in improving operations and planning. Implemented by the Tamil Nadu Highways Department (TNHD), the system provides a unified and complete picture across the state government so that road maintenance and improvement works carried out by different agencies can be coordinated better. The system, which uses Esri’s ArcGIS for Server, is available online, making it accessible to many users at all times and on any device.

Worldwide UAV market at $91 billion

Teal Group’s 2014 market study estimates that UAV spending will nearly double over the next decade from current worldwide UAV expenditures of $6.4 billion annually to $11.5 billion, totalling almost $91 billion in the next ten years. The Teal Group study predicts that the US will account for 65% of total worldwide RDT&E spending on UAV technology over the next decade, and about 41% of the procurement.

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