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May 2007 | Comments Off on GIS

NRCan offers digital topographic data for free

As of April 1, 2007, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) began offering its electronic topographic mapping data for free over the Internet. It is now permitting people to freely redistribute this data, helping to ensure that users receive accurate and consistent information. It will make its data collections available through GeoGratis (, which is a portal, provided by the Earth Sciences Sector of NRCan.

New Zealand Geospatial Strategy approved

The New Zealand Geospatial Strategy has been approved by Cabinet which is designed to improve knowledge of and access to the geospatial assets owned, maintained or used by government.

The strategy sets out to co-ordinate and direct the way geospatial resources are developed and managed, and aims to ensure compatibility when data is collected by different agencies and reduce duplication and fragmentation of effort. www.linz. geospatial-strategy/index.htm

GOSIC is now fully operational at NCDC

Global Observing Systems Information Center (GOSIC) is now fully operational at the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) and can be accessed on-line at

It provides unique tools for searching and accessing data such as matrices and portals that allows users to search for specific data such as data located at NCDC, as well as at other global data centers.

Australian telecom gets mapping capability

Telco Industry researcher, Market Clarity has released a new edition of its Australian Telecommunications infrastructure catalogue. It identifies the location of Australia’s current telecommunications infrastructure in a database that tracks information on the infrastructure holdings deployed and in service from 118 different infrastructure owners.

Market Clarity has developed and expanded its telecom GIS database by enabling the production of detailed telecoms infrastructure maps.

Live search maps service for cities in UK

Microsoft has extended the 3D capabilities of its Live Search Maps service to the UK. Buildings in cities like Plymouth, Cardiff, Bristol, Gloucester and Wolverhampton.

GIS mapping centre in Nagaland, India goes hi-tech

Nagaland GIS mapping centre has launched its website under the State’s Planning department and was linked to the state’s official website, it provides information on the state, including roads, railways, airports, towns, major rivers, industries, polling stations and villages and their jurisdictions with break up of population, hospitals, tourist spots, business centres, power stations, schools, panchayat halls and areas where the famous Naga Raja Mircha is grown.

Tele Atlas plans to map out Asia

Tele Atlas NV has announced that its orange mobile mapping vans will be hitting the streets of Asia this year to collect data. It plans to target Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Taipei, Taiwan this year.

The vehicles are equipped with six high-resolution cameras, GPS, receivers, laser scanners and onboard computers. They collect road and lane information, images of street signs, store fronts and building heights.

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