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Geospatial Commission recommends creation of new taskforce for land use

Jul 2023 | No Comment

A new Land Use Analysis Taskforce should be established to support decisions about how land in the UK is used, according to a new report from the Geospatial Commission

The report, published today (Tuesday 23 May), recommends that government policies related to using land should be supported by a new taskforce and cutting edge data analysis.

The new taskforce would assess the potential to reconcile competing demands for how we use our land to meet national priorities – such as those relating to infrastructure, housing, agriculture and the environment – with the land available in the UK.

Better use of land is a key driver of the UK’s ambitions to deliver economic growth and fairly distribute opportunity across every part of the UK, while meeting the demands of a growing population. The report sets out how better data can be used to drive land-use decisions that drive growth, while also protecting the environment, adapting to climate change and achieving net zero emissions.

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