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Exail releases INS for mobile mapping

Nov 2023 | No Comment

Exail has launched the Atlans 3, its new Inertial Navigation System (INS) dedicated to land and air mobile mapping applications.

The Atlans 3 is an all-in-one positioning and orientation system integrating unique micro-electro-mechanical systems. Fiber optic gyroscope (MEMS-FOG) hybrid technology and a dual-antenna RTK GNSS receiver are housed within one compact device.

The INS offers North-keeping capability at FOG-level performance across a variety of land and air mobile mapping applications. It delivers real-time heading, even in GNSS-challenging environments such as urban canyons, mountainous terrain, or forested areas. The lightweight INS is designed to meet the requirements of high-performance lidars mounted on vehicles where space and weight constraints are critical.

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