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The three days of INTERGEO, which was held at the Bremen Exhibition Centre this year, have confirmed that the world’s largest congress trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management has a special place in the industry.

“INTERGEO is a very important event to show our latest developments and is an important spear point in our European marketing activities. It is a great opportunity to meet experts in various market segments and it opens doors to new business opportunities and partnerships. The INTERGEO is a platform to expand our business and a is carrier to bring our corporate message of precision and reliable positioning instruments across, says Martijn van der Wel, Marketing Manager of SOKKIA EUROPE.

Jurgen Kliem, general manager of Trimble’s Survey Division, continues: “INTERGEO 2008 was truly a success for Trimble” Claire Geffroy, Senior MarCom Manager of Magellan Professional, gave another reason why the congress trade fair has become an established part of companies’ schedules:

“Users can meet directly with the equipment manufacturers, they can share their needs and receive a live feedback about the solution they should select. Intergeo is also the place where users come to compare the state of the art survey and mapping solutions, they want to know the benefits and the return on investment of their future equipment”. That is why many of the 15,000 visitors were prepared to travel a long way to attend the fair. At the 14th INTERGEO, some 80 percent of visitors travelled more than 100 kilometres to be a part of the event in Bremen.

The share of first-time visitors came to almost 30 percent. As a result, exhibiting companies were not only able to cultivate their image and promote customer services – they were also able to win new customers. The exhibitors were delighted with the high profile of the visitors, many of whom come to INTERGEO as decision makers. In fact, many companies wait until they have attended the trade fair each year before making decisions on investments. More than 85 percent of exhibitors said that they had achieved their aims.

This was also the case for Cathy Lefebvre, Marketing Coordinator of PENTAX Technologies Europe, who was very happy with how things went at the fair: “For PENTAX, the INTERGEO exhibition is quite important. It is the yearly event that attracts many manufacturers and decision makers. Year after year we notice more interest from the international scene, which enables us to make fruitful deals and get connected with new successful partners”.

Some 90 percent of exhibitors said that they intend to visit the fair in 2009 too. 13 percent of those questioned plan to increase the size of their stands in Bremen.

INTERGEO 2009 will be held from 22 to 24 September in Karlsruhe. For more information, go to




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