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Jul 2019 | No Comment

Volume XV, Issue 7, July 2019



Overview of marine plastic debris in Vietnam in relation to international context

Le Dai Thang

Ionosphere Total Electron Content (TEC) anomaly detection prior to Earthquake using Global Positioning System observation data: Case study of 2018 Mw 6.2 Tajikistan Earthquake

Gopal Sharma and P L N Raju

PPP: the way ahead for solving land tenure …

Jun 2019 | No Comment

Volume XV, Issue 6, June 2019



Privacy and ethics under the gaze of eyes in the sky

George Cho

Advancement in GNSS technology in India

Sanat K Biswas

Building a low cost long range mapping drone

Sasanka L Madawalagama, Hiroshi Inoue, Chathumal M Weththasinghe Arachchige , Manzul K Hazarika, Kavinda Gunasekara, Treshan N Perera and Manuka P Gunasekara

Driving force of historically …

May 2019 | No Comment

Volume XV, Issue 5, May 2019



Hijacking of position data: A new GPS vulnerability

Dinesh Manandhar

Soil moisture retrieval using indigenously developed NavIC-GPS-SBAS receiver

Radhika A Chipade

Low cost UAV photogrammetric survey

Faiz Arif, Abdul Aziz Ab Rahman and Khairul Nizam Abdul Maulud

Robotic forest harvesting process using GNSS satellite positioning data

Anna Klamerus Iwan, Louis-François Pau, Mariusz Kormanek, Janusz Gołab and Krysztof …

Apr 2019 | No Comment

Volume XV, Issue 4, April 2019



GNSS-CORS geodetic network development in Mongolia

Erdenezul Danzansan, Bayarsaikhan Enkhee and Togtokhbayar Sugir

Precise GNSS positioning for mass-market applications

Yang Gao

Egocentric leisure boat navigation in a smartphone based Augmented Reality application

Thomas Porathe and Jonas Ekskog

Surveyors in geo-data management

Hartmut Müller and Ulrike Klein

Automatic detection of
dead tree from UAV imagery

Seungmin Lee and Byeong-Hyeok

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Mar 2019 | No Comment

Volume XV, Issue 3, March 2019



The GPS Week Number Rollover is coming – 5 things you should know

Guy Buesnel

SDGs, Digital Tools and Smart Cities

Zhixuan (Jenny) Yang, Abbas Rajabifard

Mine Surveying in Finland – Education
and Professional Practices

Pasi Laurila

Large scale topographic mapping based on UAV and aerial
photogrammetric technique

M Juraidi Ahmad, A Ahmad and K D Kanniah

2D-based indoor mobile …

Feb 2019 | No Comment

Volume XV, Issue 2, February 2019



Assessment of GNSS real time kinematic relative positioning accuracy based on NTRIP data transmitted by the Brazilian CORS Network (RBMC-IP)

S A V Chachá and L P S Fortes

Aerial sensor technology: Major advances in efficiency and quality

Alexander Wiechert

Indian government announces drone policy 2.0

Maritime Augmented Reality

Odd Sveinung Hareide and Thomas Porathe

Why do …

Jan 2019 | No Comment

Volume XV, Issue 1, January 2019



Navigation: Trend and challenges

John Pottle, Jiwon Seo, Simon Gaskin, Steve Hickling and Guy Buesnel, Yasuo Arai

Digital elevation models based on the topographic maps

Mirmakhmudov Erkin, Gulyamova Lola and Juliev Muhiddin

Geospatial industry must focus on making big data more useful

Boris Skopljak

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Dec 2018 | No Comment

Volume XIV, Issue 12, December 2018



From oral agreement to distributed agreement: digital ledgers in land registration

Mohsen Kalantari, Xueling Chen, Zhouyang Wang, Luan Nguyen

Geo-Information tools, governance, and wicked policy problems

Yola Georgiadou, Diana Reckien

CORS usage for GPS survey in Greater Accra region: Advantages, limitation and suggested remedies

Surv. Sebastian Botsyo (MGhIS), Bernard BORKETEY BORTEI, John AYER

Spatial heterogeneity, scale, …

Nov 2018 | No Comment

Volume XIV, Issue 11, November 2018

Oct 2018 | No Comment

Volume XIV, Issue 10, October 2018



High positioning accuracy and precise time transfer with PPP GNSS receivers

Dr. ing. Marco Lisi

A vision for a fully digital cadastral survey system

Anselm Haanen, Trent Gulliver

A Large-scale Monitoring System of Tree Tilt Angle through Integrating Smart Sensing Technology and GIS

Dr Man Sing WONG, Dr Billy C.H. HAU, Ka Wai HUI Karena, Dr …