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Broadcom launches its lowest power GNSS receiver for mobile

Dec 2021 | No Comment

Broadcom Inc. has launched the BCM4778, its lowest power L1/L5 GNSS receiver chip optimized for mobile and wearable applications. Equipped with the latest GNSS innovations, the third-generation chip is 35% smaller and consumes five times less power than the previous generation.

Dual-frequency GNSS continues to be an important location feature for modern mobile and wearable devices, providing greater positioning accuracy for location-based applications. The advanced L5 signal enables sidewalk-level accuracy for pedestrian navigation in urban environments, as well as lane-level accuracy for vehicle navigation.

Reduction in GNSS power consumption is crucial to extending the battery life of a mobile or wearable device. Compared to GNSS receivers used in integrated platforms, Broadcom’s single-chip BCM4778 delivers significantly lower power consumption and higher performance while offering more advanced GNSS features, such as the next-generation Grid Tracking urban multipath mitigation technology.

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