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NEWSBRIEFS – Galileo update

Nov 2005 | Comments Off on NEWSBRIEFS – Galileo update

Galileo – the European Programme for Global Navigation Services for civil purposes is an initiative led by European Union. We provide regular updates to our readers on the Galileo programme.

CPS partners to play key role in improving Galileo system performance

Cambridge Positioning Systems have announced that it will partner with LogicaCMG in a major pan-European project to drive new mobile location technology and applications development for the multi-billion Euro Galileo satellite programme.

The Application of Galileo in the Location-Based Services Environment (AGILE) project aims to foster widespread adoption of Global Navigation Satellite Services (GNSS) for both enterprises and consumers.

AGILE will create a detailed development roadmap for new high accuracy Location-Based Services (LBS) leading up to the launch of the first Galileo satellites in 2007.

The project will also promote the benefits of new location technologies to a broad stakeholder group, including key government decisions makers, investors, regulators, mobile operators as well as services and applications developers.

LogicaCMG, which is already working on four Galileo-related contracts worth more than 6 Million Euros, invited CPS to participate in this project because of the key role its network-based Matrix high accuracy location technology plays in improving satellite system performance.

Earlier this year, CPS announced the launch of its Enhanced Global Positioning System (E-GPS), which combines satellite positioning with its Matrix technology to deliver high accuracy location technologies across all environments, including indoors and dense urban areas where satellite technologies face major performance challenges.

E-GPS provides faster location fixes than standard GPS – a critical factor in the take-up of mobile data applications. CPS is already working with leading GPS companies, such as Trimble and SiGE, on the development of low cost E-GPS solutions.

Initially, LogicaCMG and CPS will focus on the development of trial systems for European network operators, based on the integration of CPS’ Matrix technology with LogicaCMG’s Location Enabled Server and applications portfolio.

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