2018 China(Nanjing)BeiDou Satellite Navigation Application Expo & China(Nanjing)Smart City Expo

The “2018 China (Nanjing) BeiDou Satellite Navigation Application Expo & China(Nanjing) Smart City Expo”will be held on November 30-December 2 in Nanjing due to its unique geographic position.

BeiDou Navigation Satellite System(BDS),combining navigation with communication functions,has been a national key strategy, an important military-civil industry support,and a business card of China conforming to “The Belt and Road”initiative .During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China introduced many related documents to support the development of satellite navigation industry.
Exhibition Range

 Satellite Navigation and Navigation Technologies

BDS/GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO,Satellite Navigation and Detection,Satellite and Positioning Service,Satellite Navigation Signals and Signals Processing,Precision Navigation,Indoor Positioning,GNSS Augmentation,User Terminals,Inertial Navigation ,GNSS+ Applications

Satellite Navigation/ Communication Equipment

BDS/GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO Chips,Modules,Board Card,Antennas and Terminal Devices,Communication Chips,Modules,Board Card,Antennas and Terminal Devices(Communication Station,Handset,Satellite Phone,Walkie Talkie,Relay Station)

Civil-Military Communication

Satellite Communication,Mobile Communication,Microwave Communication,Quantum Communication, Cluster Communication

Cloud Computing and Big Data

Chips and Software Platform Development for Cloud Computing,Communication Network Devices and Service in Cloud Computing,Government Data,Data Center Construction and Operation,Data Storage,Cloud Service,Network Information Safety,Industry Information Solution

IoT Tech Applications

Smart Building,Intelligent Park,Smart Home,Mobility and Traffic,Internet of Vehicles,Geo-information,Intelligent Identification and some other IoT technologies applications and solutions

Intelligent Manufacturing and Smart life

Smart Home, Cars, Wearable devices,UAV, RobotInformation Interconnection,Automation,Artificial Intelligence,3D Printing,VR/AR,Industrial Designing,Smart Space-time,Smart work,Smart Medical Treatment,Smart Travelling,Smart Payment,Smart Agriculture,Culture Creativity,Smart recreation tech and products

Smart Transportation

Internet of Vehicles,Information Acquisition,Transportation Information Platform,Data Analysis,Mining and Management,Transportation Information Service,Passenger Flow and Logistics Information,City Public Transport Management,Parking Management System,Emergency Road Rescue,Positioning Equipment for Automobile,Traffic Management and Law Enforcement,Road Traffic Safety,Highway Informatization,Port Information Management


URL website: https://www.tleer.cn/enbdsexpo/

Date: Nov 30-Dec 2,2018

Venue : Nanjing International Exhibition Center ,China

Contact: Jie Zhang( +86 15189842110)


IM:WhatsApp/Skype:+86 15189842110