On a high…

Jan 2007 | Comments Off on On a high…


On Jan 10, India leaped high in space with the successful launch of its tenth Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C7) that put four satellites into orbit.

India’s CARTOSAT-2 and Space capsule Recovery Experiment (SRE- 1), Indonesia’s LAPAN-TUBSAT and Argentina’s PEHUENSAT-1.

Great moments of great achievements.

Time for celebration.

The success of SRE-1 will place India among the group of countries that boast of satellite re-entry technology.

Another reason for celebration.

Cartosat-2, the twelfth in the Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellite series, is capable of providing imageries with a spatial resolution better than 1 meter and a swath of 9.6km

As celebrations are on, it is also expected that there will smooth and hassle-free mechanism to access the imageries of Cartosat –2 for genuine users and genuine purposes.


Bal Krishna, Editor




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