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“We listen to our end users”

Jun 2006 | Comments Off on “We listen to our end users”

Christian Knoll, Trimble Navigation India Pvt Ltd on challenges of Indian market

Tell us about Trimble India

Trimble Navigation India Pvt Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of Trimble Navigation Ltd, USA. The India office was established at the end of 2005 and was officially opened on 16, May 2006. It is an important extension of Trimble’s presence in India and the Asia Pacific region. Our objective is to better service our customers and distribution network to assist in the modernization drive taking place in the country.

What is the focus of Trimble’s Engineering & Construction roup?

Trimble’s Engineering and Construction Group focuses on the development of technology and solutions in the core areas of surveying, construction and network infrastructure. We offer integrated positioning solutions and systems that are used from concept to completion to streamline jobs and improve productivity.

What factors do you keep in mind when launching a product?

We listen to our end users, so that we can develop solutions that fit their

needs. With this in mind, Trimble creates products that are designed to be accurate and easy-to-use. Each new product also works seamlessly with other Trimble products, so that our customers can employ our complete Integrated Surveying solution to improve productivity on the job site.

Additionally, when launching new products, Trimble is committed to educating and training our distributors and end users, to ensure that end user benefits and correct operation are maximized. The positive feedback we receive after each event indicates that this method of product introduction is extremely well received by all involved.

How is Trimble different?

Trimble offers complete solutions for the Engineering and Construction industry—hardware, software and services—not just products. With our in-depth market understanding, and personnel with industry expertise, we develop unique and innovative solutions specific to each market segment we serve.

What opportunities and challenges do you see in the India market?

The opportunities and challenges offered by the India market are not entirely unique. Similar opportunities are shared by other emerging markets, and a global opportunity is therefore arising. Lessons learned in the exciting India region can be leveraged across other emerging markets, and can influence Trimble management practices.

The developing world is a price-sensitive market. Comments?

Price is an important factor in developing markets. However, success in these regions is not about lowering price.

Indian customers are extremely value conscious, so our approach involves understanding and managing the price-performance relationship as well as clearly explaining return on their investment.

How do you approach an evolving market like India?

Emerging markets such as India allow us to challenge conventional wisdom when it comes to strategy. For example, distribution systems are critical in India. In fact, innovations in distribution are as critical as product and process innovations.

There is a perception that vendors oversell instead of educating. Comments?

Many of our customers are firsttime users, so Trimble products are easy to use and have a short learning curve. As mentioned earlier, Trimble invests significantly in educating customers on the use and benefits of our products and services.

christian knollChristian Knoll,

Country Manager Trimble Navigation India Pvt Ltd., prior to this he was posted at the Trimble European Headquarters in Frankfurt from 2002 – 2006, responsible for European OEM Sales.

He graduated from University in Munich, Germany, with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration.

He received further Management Education from IIM-Ahmedabad and has successfully launched MNC’s in India before joining Trimble.


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