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Mar 2018 | No Comment

Volume XIV, Issue 3, March 2018



Development of advanced earthquake prediction method using artificial intelligence

Shunji Murai, Shoichi Teshima

Education: Challenges in India

Maj Gen (Dr) B.Nagarajan, Susmita Bhattacharyya

Road design parameter analysis based on the GNSS data collected by android device

Akhilesh Kumar Karna, Dinesh Manandhar

Simple and effective RAIM technique for multiple outliers

Kong Longtao, Wang Wenli, Zhang Shuhui

Pushing beyond the …

Feb 2018 | No Comment

Volume XIV, Issue 2, February 2018



Technology trends: From GPS to multi-constellation GNSS

Guy Buesnel

Academic drift and surveying education

Dr Garfield Young

Assessment of accuracy of basic maneuvers performed by an UAV during autonomous flight


Innovations and new standards for mapping of villages in Indonesia

Fahmi Amhar, Bambang Riadi, Fachrul Hidayat, Tia Rizka Nuzula Rachma

GNSS education: Prospects and challenges

Mia Filic´and …

Jan 2018 | No Comment

Volume XIV, Issue 1, January 2018



High Resolution Topography database generation using Airborne LiDAR

V Raghu Venkataraman, PVSSN Gopala Krishna

Technology Trends and Innovation Challenges

Ron Bisio, Mark Sampson, Thibault BONNEVIE, Jean-François Baudet, Jean-Christophe Zufferey, Dr Ivan G Petrovski, Christian Sevcik, John Fischer,

An IGS-based simulator of ionospheric conditions for GNSS positioning quality assessment

Mia …

Dec 2017 | No Comment

Volume XIII, Issue 12, December 2017



The generation of well geo-referenced floor plans and application in indoor navigation system

Guang-Je Tsai, Kai-Wei Chiang, Min-Chuan Tsai, You-Liang Chen, Jhen-Kai Liao

Performance evaluation of Single Baseline and Network RTK GNSS

Reha Metin ALKAN, Ì. Murat OZULU, Ì. Murat OZULU

Crowd monitoring through WiFi Data

Ciro Gioia, Francesco Sermi, …

Nov 2017 | No Comment

Volume XIII, Issue 11, November 2017



Resilient PNT: Is it?

Guy Buesnel, Andy Proctor MA, John Pottle

BIM is the New GIS

Mohsen Kalantari

Rising expectations – Public institutions facing a new reality in a digital era

Daniel Janonius Löwgren

3D deformation analysis using GNSS data on Penggaron bridge of Semarang-Ungaran toll road section

Pratama, Rizal Adhi, Sunantyo, …

Oct 2017 | No Comment

Volume XIII, Issue 10, October 2017



Smart sustainable cities for all: A socio-spatial approach

Maryam Rabiee, Abbas Rajabifard

The potential use of VGI for 3D cadastre surveys

Maria GKELI, Charalabos IOANNIDIS, Chryssy POTSIOU

Low cost GNSS and Geo-referencing

Tomoye Allen,Ronaldo Brown, Amahl Hutchinson, Keith Wignall, Glendon G. Newsome

Development of inverse pedagogy through the implementation of a …

Sep 2017 | No Comment

Volume XIII, Issue 09, September 2017



Review of the 3D Modelling Algorithms and Crowdsourcing

Maria GKELI, Charalabos IOANNIDIS, Chryssy POTSIOU

Mapping beyond boundaries

Dinebari Akpee, Gaage Friday Aabe, Aogo Olutosin Jacob, Needam Yiinu

Low Cost GNSS and Geo-referencing of Small Rural Cadastral Surveys

Tomoye Allen,Ronaldo Brown, Amahl Hutchinson, Keith Wignall, Glendon G. Newsome

Monitoring of the interference …

Aug 2017 | No Comment

Volume XIII, Issue 08, August 2017



Indoor Positioning Using Probabilistic Virtual Anchor Point Graphs

Eike Jens Hoffmann

Synchronet service demonstration results in DEMETRA H2020 Project

Enrico Varriale, Quirino Morante

GNSS data for ionosphere characterization

Josip Vukovic´ , Tomislav Kos

PGM2016: A new Geoid Model for the Philippines

R Gatchalian, R Forsberg, A Olesen

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Jul 2017 | No Comment

Volume XIII, Issue 07, July 2017



Geomagnetic observations and measurements in Israel

Dr Anna Shnaidman, Dr Boris Shirman, Yosef Melzer

Effect of GCPs in distribution and location on geometric correction of corona satellite image

Sao Hone Pha, Wataru Takeuchi

PNT systems in Ukraine: European Cooperation Aspects

Serhii Chernolevsky

Urban sprawl prediction using cellular automata

Kajal Himatlal Rana, Dhiraj …

Jun 2017 | No Comment

Volume XIII, Issue 06, June 2017



Mobile Mapping System in Reconstruction and Expansion of Highway in India

Rick Ma

An eye on magnetic field anomalies along the roads

Matej Bažec, Aleksander Grm, Franc Dimc

EGNOS multimodal performance

Pedro Pintor, Roberto Roldán, Manuel Lopez- Martinez, Alina Hriscu

Instruments of land
mobilisation – concepts and examples

Walter Timo de Vries

The Evolution …