White Paper

NovAtel AdVance®RTK – Competitive Analysis

This paper summarizes the results of field tests conducted by NovAtel to compare the performance of AdVance RTK in real world conditions that GNSS users often encounter. The results show that NovAtel AdVance RTK provides consistent, highly accurate and available RTK positioning for maximum productivity in real-world GNSS conditions. [More]

NovAtel SPAN : Aerial Photogrammetry Test Flight Results

This paper demonstrates how NovAtel’s GPS/INS technology, SPAN (Synchronized Position Attitude Navigation), can be integrated into an aerial photogrammetry application, with the Inertial Explorer® software package, providing post-processing capability. [More]

Testing GNSS systems for Automotive Applications

This Application Note is aimed at designers, developers, integrators and
testers of GNSS receivers or systems, who need to perform qualitative,
quantitative, reliable and repeatable testing to ensure their products
will perform in the automotive environment. A basic understanding of satellite
navigation principles and awareness of RF simulation as a test method is
desirable. [More]

Crescent Receiver Technology

The Crescent Vector OEM is a high accuracy GPS compass module with the ability to use multiple front ends.The advantage of this technology is that by sharing information between antennas, it eliminate the need for multiple receivers. [More]

Meter-Level mapping accuracy with post-processing

In this white paper, we have demonstrated that the MobileMapper 6 easily meets its specification for post-processed accuracy of 1-2 meters rms. In fact, in open sky conditions the results are often sub-meter. Even in heavily shaded conditions with only a partial view of
the sky directly overhead, the MobileMapper 6 is capable of delivering meter-level accuracy. We have demonstrated that it is possible using BLADE
technology to post process MobileMapper 6 measurements to the meter level. These results make the MobileMapper a very compelling offering for GIS data collection in low-end GIS market segments where high-precision GIS/GPS receivers are not requested [More]