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Icaros and Agrowing announce Integrated Drone product

Icaros Inc., a leading provider of aerial imaging software, and Agrowing, a leading supplier of multispectral sensors and analytics software, have announced an integrated drone product that bundles Icaros’ OneButton software into Agrowing’s solution stack, automating the entire workflow from image capture through generation of fully indexed orthomosaic maps for agriculture.

Volaero Drones and Geodetics sign agreement

Volaero UAV & Drones Holdings Corp., a Miami based Drone Tech Startup Company, has signed an Agreement with San Diego based Geodetics Inc., to integrate, deploy, and resell its advanced LiDAR and RGB imagery fusion technologies with the Geo-MMS, a Mobile Mapping System, for small UAS solutions.

Gryphon Sensors develops one-of-a-kind drone tracking system

Gryphon Sensors, an SRC Inc. company based in central New York, has developed a state-of-the-art mobile unmanned traffic management system called Mobile Skylight.

The development builds on the state’s investments in the region’s emerging unmanned aerial systems (UAS) industry. Mobile Skylight sets a new standard in drone security and UAS traffic management. Featuring an array of self-contained multispectral sensors, the system provides accurate 3D detection of low-flying, small UAS at a distance of out to 10 kilometers.

3DR Integrates Site Scan Mapping Software With DJI Drones

3DR has integrated its Site Scan aerial data capture software platform with DJI to make it compatible with their drones. This integration marks a significant expansion of the Site Scan platform, giving users more options for their data capture workflow.

The DJI drones will be compatible with 3DR’s mobile app, Site Scan Field, and will work seamlessly with Site Scan, including its autonomous flight modes, multi-engine cloud processing, and suite of tools designed for construction, such as topographic surveys, calculating cut and fill volumes, measuring stockpiles, exporting native Autodesk file formats, and more.

CompassDrone launches CIRRUAS drone program

CompassDrone has launched CIRRUAS, a comprehensive drone-based mapping program designed specifically for Public Safety applications. The Complete Incident Response Recovery Unmanned Aerial System (CIRRUAS) is designed primarily for Accident Reconstruction and Crime Scene Mapping, but is also applicable to Search & Rescue and Reconnaissance missions.

U.S. Army halts use of Chinese-made drones

The U.S. Army has ordered its members to stop using drones made by Chinese manufacturer SZ DJI Technology Co Ltd because of “cyber vulnerabilities” in the products. An Aug. 2 Army memo posted by sUAS News and verified by Reuters applies to all DJI drones and systems that use DJI components or software. It requires service members to “cease all use, uninstall all DJI applications, remove all batteries/storage media and secure equipment for follow-on direction.” The memo says DJI drones are the most widely used by the Army among off-the-shelf equipment of that type. DJI said in a statement that it was “surprised and disappointed” at the Army’s “unprompted restriction on DJI drones as we were not consulted during their decision.” The privately held company said it would contact the Army to determine what it means by “cyber vulnerabilities” and was willing to work with the Pentagon to address concerns.

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