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Bundled Survey Solution for UAVs

Eos Systems, the developer of PhotoModeler, and Klau Geomatics, the developer of the KG PPK system, are launching an integrated and bundled system for high-accuracy survey for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) while using minimal or no ground control points. The Klau Geomatics PPK System provides precise camera positions for aerial photography. Coupled with PhotoModeler’s photogrammetry software, this is a solution with a great level of accuracy and reliability for survey-grade mapping applications.

The Klau Geomatics PPK is a lightweight plug and play box that can be installed on any UAV by end users or as an OEM product for manufacturers. Integrating PPK into a photogrammetry program provides a strong platform for obtaining very accurate drone-based surveys with minimal or no ground control input, greatly reducing the time and cost for accessing a site to place GCPs.

5G networks in cities using Drones

By using aerial photographs taken by drones and photogrammetry software, researchers created detailed 3D models of urban environments. These models could be used in designing radio links or 5G wireless connections. Remotecontrolled drones can be used to create an accurate 3D model of an urban area and design wireless networks, scientists say, an advance that may help set up 5G mobile connections in a cost effective manner. The development of mobile devices has set increasingly high requirements for wireless networks and the emission of radio frequencies.

Researchers from Aalto University and Tampere University of Technology in Finland, recently tested their research work how aerial photographs taken using a so-called drone could be used in designing radio links. By using both the aerial photographs taken by the drone and a photogrammetry software, they were able to create highly detailed 3D models of urban environments. These models can be used in designing radio links. http://

Topcon to Distribute Intel Falcon 8+ UAS in North America

Topcon Positioning Group will distribute Intel Corporation’s Falcon 8+ System, a V-shaped, eight-rotor unmanned aerial system (UAS) in North American markets.

The Intel Falcon 8+ features tripleredundant AscTec Trinity autopilot capability and has full electronic system redundancy. It also includes the Intel Cockpit ground control and Powerpack smart battery system.

Unifly acquires 5m Euros financing for international growth

Terra Drone (a major Japanese drone operator and system integrator) confirms its trust in the VITO spin-off Unifly by investing a total of 5 million euro together with Qbic and PMV. Terra Drone provides 80% of the total capital.

Unifly – the European leading provider of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and Drone Operations Management software – will use the investment to accelerate its growth and to build an international sales organisation. Unifly is uniquely positioned to capture a large market share and to become a global player.

UAV’s – a large part of the Kaikoura solution

New technology is allowing spatial data professionals to make instant assessments of damage to the roads and valleys caused by the South Island earthquakes.

UAVs mounted with specialised data capture cameras are the new surveying and mapping tools that have become readily available since the Christchurch quakes.

Immediately after the Christchurch earthquakes, land surveyors – who specialise in precise measurement – were critical to the urgent monitoring of building stability movement, determining by centimetres, the effect and changes in ground levels and resultant flooding. Spatial data managed by surveyors, spatial professionals and the construction sector has been a critical in the Canterbury rebuild, helping to reestablish services. Spatial professionals in Christchurch have proven how important this is and are taking lessons learned to provide a coordinated and effective response in Kaikoura.

The Inland Kaikoura Route is a road that winds through farming country west of Kaikoura and includes Culverden, Rotherham, the Waiau plains and Mt Lyford. It has been an absolute priority from the outset to get the road open so a basic traffic link to the outside world for the stoic people of Kaikoura and its surrounds can be provided.

Surveyors used a 1.8m span octo-copter to take a series of photos which were then further processed to provide 3d models of the major Rotherham land slip. There are of course, many slip and damaged areas to be flown, mapped and assessed with modelling experts to the forefront of this work. The outcome is something we can all be proud of that these communities are slowly reopening and recovering.

DroneDeploy launches the first app market for drones

Cloud-based drone platform DroneDeploy has announced the opening of its App Market, the first drone industry app store. The store launched with more than 15 apps directed at businesses using drones. It also provides access to the world’s largest dataset of drone 2D maps and 3D models. The company’s new App Market will provide a one-stop shop for businesses and developers to obtain apps for all aspects of cloud-based drone data analysis.

New aerial site-mapping drones to assist solar market

Solar EPC firm TerraSmart has launched a new aerial drone that is expected to bring added precision, speed and cost-saving measures to the PV construction sector.

TerraSmart’s High Precision Aerial Site Mapping service drones (HPASM) will utilise the latest autonomous technology to generate topographical data with unprecedented accuracy. With this new fleet of drones that are designed to speed up site mapping, it can spend less time out in the field assessing a potential develop site’s area. These drones — which can cover an area of 20 to 32 hectares in an hour — can map, process images and develop a detailed site topography for a 5MW project in only 48 hours.

Microdrones partners with Delair-Tech

Delair-Tech, a global provider of professional fixed wing UAVs, and Microdrones, the manufacturer of industrial-grade quadcopters, have signed partnership agreement with plans to develop new solutions that will provide greater value for professional drone users.

Adani Enterprises in India to make UAVs

Diversified conglomerate Adani Group’s flagship firm Adani Enterprises Ltd will make unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in joint venture with Israeli firm Elbit Systems. The joint venture company named Adani-Elbit Advanced Systems India Ltd (AEASIL) will be headquartered in Ahmedabad. http://

AT&T and NASA collaborate on drone traffic management system

AT&T and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are researching traffic management solutions for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

The goal is an Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) solution that supports the safe and highly secure operation of drones in the national airspace.

A key element AT&T and NASA are researching is the potential impact of cybersecurity threats. The vast availability of drones – and their many current and potential uses — could increase their risk of cyberattacks.

H3 Dynamics launches HYWINGS electric unmanned aircraft

H3 Dynamics in Singapore and Austin, Texas, is unveiling a hand-launchable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV capable of 10-hour flight durations and distances of up to 500 kilometers: HYWINGS.

HYWINGS, with a total take off-weight of just seven kilograms, can cover larger areas of land faster, while removing the need for catapult launchers or runways typically required by larger, heavier, and more expensive systems. www.

Pix4Dmapper now with fully-automated DTM extraction

Pix4D has announced the implementation of some of its most successful academic research for DTM extraction into Pix4Dmapper. Using DSMs generated from high-resolution images, Pix4Dmapper algorithms can now detect bare earth, as well as compute and remove above-ground objects precisely without pulling the terrain height up for interpolation. This new approach gives the accurate terrain model elevation, instead of just visually removing objects.

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