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Open Cosmos to launch Alisio-1 satellite for the Canary Islands

Apr 2022 | No Comment

Space company Open Cosmos has announced that it has been selected to design, manufacture and commission the Alisio-1 satellite.

The ALISIO-1 project (Advanced Land-Imaging Satellite for Infrared Observations), financed with funds from the recovery and resilience mechanism of the European Union – NextGenerationEU, will be executed in 13 months, and includes the design, manufacture, testing and integration of a 6U+ satellite with S-band communications and laser.

The main payload, called DRAGO-2, has been fully developed by IACTEC-Espacio, and operates in the SWIR (Short Wave InfraRed) range between 1.0 and 1.7 µm. It is an improved version of its predecessor, DRAGO-1.

Its data will allow measurements to be made in the short wave range both in the Canary Islands and in other parts of the world and will allow IACTEC-Espacio to deepen its research on the different applications of this sensor.

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