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Goa Communique

9) Noting the excellent progress made by SOI, FSI, GSI, NBSSLUP, NATMO,NRSA, CWC, Census and NIC at theiragency- server level efforts of NSDI, it is time now to integrate and plug them to the NSDI Portal and widen the
scope of services available from NSDI.

10) The delegates discussed the provisions and implications of the National Map Policy – 2005 and noted that there is a need for addressing various aspects that impacts NSDI and GIS activities in the country in a major way. Thus, there is a need for dove-tailing the Map Policy and harmonizing it to further NSDI goals. In this connection, some of the important recommendations are as follows:

a.) With the availability of OSM, a major effort at transforming the legacy Everest/Polyconic GIS databases of NIC, FSI, GSI, NBSSLUP, NRSA and many other agencies has to be undertaken. Towards, this either the transformation parameters have to be shared by SOI or an institutional
mechanism has to be in place for smooth transition of legacy-databases of various agencies to OSM framework

b.) Clarity is needed in the variousterminologies of the Map Policy – as there were conflicting understandings of some of the terms. For example, there is a need for clear-cut DOs and
DONTs for mapping activities in the country by agencies/users; terminology definition in the Policy has to be clear as there is conflict in understanding by various agencies – like, value-addition to OSM means what (the agency thematic mapping which just uses OSM as base reference must not be governed by the New Map Policy), Licensing
terms, Sharing of data, Reuse of data etc; Media/Internet Licensing periods of OSM of 12 months is too short – rather it should be perpetual license; Placing OSM and thematic maps
prepared by various agencies on the net must be allowed as OSMs have been de-sensitized already.

c.) There is an urgent need to integrate and modify the existing policies for ground survey data, aerial surveys data, satellite data, topographic/thematic/census/ cadastral maps and GIS database into a comprehensive and holistic National Spatial Information Policy which will provide an over-arching
framework for generation, archiving, utilization and dissemination of all forms of spatial data in the country;

11) Recognize that the datasets generated in the private sector have got potential for many applications and thus be made part of NSDI metadata. The private industry should quickly come forward to populate the metadata as per the standard of NSDI which will reduce duplication of efforts;

12) NSDI, with the support of DST, should continue the actions for a standardized capacity building endeavor so that the required number of professionals are available for furthering the NSDI goals;

13) The NSDI Secretariat is charged to initiate actions on the above and coordinate the progress, review and completion of the actions;

This Goa Communiqué for NSDI is adopted by 67 delegates from 12 departments/agencies at the 6th NSDI Workshop at Goa on 29th day of June 2007.

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